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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I cannot believe it’s already the end of April, which means it’s also been just about a year since the Royal Wedding. Best wedding ever? I still think so! I’m sure your wedding will be a great day too, so without further ado my favorites to help you plan your day…

Favorite New Movie:

Scenes from Bridesmaids still make me laugh, and I am really looking forward to seeing The Five Year Engagement because both were produced by the same team. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt seem like the perfect pair (as their characters of course!), and it seems like it’s going to be genuinely funny. Is anyone else looking forward to seeing this movie? It comes out today!

Favorite Ceremony Seating:

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

I happened to see this seating arrangement as part of a May Day post on Elizabeth Anne Designs this week. I was immediately struck by the seating arrangement because it allows the couple to be surrounded by their friends and family while they say their vows. I think it’s so unique and very intimate.

Favorite Item for a Lounge:

photo courtesy of The Home Depot

photo courtesy of The Home Depot

I found these pillows (see them here + here) at The Home Depot last weekend, and for only $13.98 each, I think they would make a great addition to a lounge area at a wedding.  I think both of the above pillows are perfect for a lounge area at your wedding. I love how they have different patterns, but are tied together by their color scheme. Coral and aqua also happen to be two of my favorite colors. There are plenty more patterns and colors to choose from here.

Favorite Midnight Snack:

photo courtesy of Pinterest

This week I created another inspiration board, but rather than focusing on mirrors, this board was about my favorite Philly-inspired midnight snacks. Cheesesteaks, milkshakes, and TastyKake Krimpets are at the top of my list. What would you serve?

Favorite Upcoming Event:

photo courtesy of Dodeline Design

The above photo is by Dodeline Design, a graphic design house based in Charleston, SC. In addition to creating pretty stationary and so much more, Sarah is also a blogger. She asked me to guest blog on her site on Monday, and I could not be more excited. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

Have a great weekend! Meet me over on Dodeline Design’s blog on Monday? Sounds like a plan.


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Weekly Wedding Favorites

It’s warm(er) in Philly and the trees are in bloom! Who is happy about this shift toward spring? This blogger right here! I was able to stay inside though and pull together my favorite mirror detail finds into Going to the Chapel’s first inspiration board. YES! What do think? Aside from my mirror love, I have a couple other favorites from around the web this week…

Favorite Accessory:

photo via Any Kind

I happened upon this cute fold over clutch on Dodeline Design’s blog last Friday (right after I posted my Weekly Wedding Favorites, of course!), and I quickly clicked over to Any Kind’s Etsy store. Between carrying my phone, keys, and cash, clutches and wristlets fill up very quickly – and then tend to bulge. I love that you can carry all of your essentials to a wedding in this cute clutch without carrying a larger (slightly out of place) bag that takes away from the chicness of your overall look.

Favorite Flower Girl Dress:

photo via Southern Weddings

To be honest, I really love this couple’s entire wedding, which was featured on the Southern Weddings blog. However, if I have to pick one detail that stands out just a little bit more from the rest of the gorgeousness, it’s this flower girl’s dress. I love the tulle, the flowers, and the fact that it’s an age appropriate one-shoulder gown.

Favorite Centerpiece:

photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

I adore this centerpiece from Martha Stewart Weddings, which I featured yesterday on the mirror inspiration board. It’s a favorite because the mirror and its frame create a space for the bouquet and candles to be arranged closer together rather than scattered across the table. The candles’ reflection will also cast an even more dramatic glow on an elegant evening reception.

Favorite Cake Topper:

photo via Brides.com

I mentioned last week that I love this pom-pom adorned car, so obviously I’m also smitten with this cake topper. The colors, the price, and the overall look make it stand out to me. Added bonus? I love untraditional cake toppers that have that wedding feel but don’t necessarily feature a bride and groom on top of the cake – this one has that base covered.

Favorite Backdrop:

photo via Pinterest & Style Me Pretty

I mentioned yesterday that I love mirrors because they reflect light. A mirror backdrop complete with a gorgeous cake? I die! I love that all of the mirrors are different sizes and shapes, yet they combine to create one beautiful cohesive look.

I am so excited for the beautiful temperatures coming our way this weekend! Warm weather is definitely a favorite always. Have a great weekend!

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Weekly Wedding Favorites

Did this week fly by for anyone else? I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week’s favorites include, but are not limited to, a fun winter getaway (seems fitting since it’s actually going to feel like winter this weekend!), a website, and shoes. Interested? Read on!

Favorite getaway:

photo courtesy Orbitz.com

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

I decided to learn how to ski on a whim three years ago, and this year I discovered a hidden gem in Macungie, PA called Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The resort is home to a hotel, lodge, 21 trails, a learning center, and plenty more. I love that it’s close enough to go for a quick day trip where you get to ski or snowboard down the mountain countless times because you hardly ever have to wait in line to go up on one of the four lifts. However, because of the hotel, you can easily turn your day trip into an overnight stay. Check out this $95 deal for a winter getaway that includes your hotel room, lift tickets, and complimentary tubing for one night (almost two full days) of winter goodness between Sunday and Thursday.

Favorite website:

Have you ever visited the Welcome Home Blog? I can’t even talk about that site because each surprise military homecoming video tends to make me cry. Although I wasn’t crying when I discovered Ring On the Finger, which happens to be part of the same blogging group as the WHB so you already know it’s a fun site, I was still just as excited. Ring on the Finger is filled with videos of marriage proposals. Count me in as a viewer!

Favorite accessory to carry down the aisle:

photo courtesy Pinterest & Style Me Pretty

As I mentioned in this post, pomanders are a sweet accessory for any flower girl to carry down the aisle, while a ring bowl is the perfect solution for your ring bearer. Don’t forget that this Etsy option can be customized with the Liberty Bell, which is a great hometown touch for a Philly wedding or one that is inspired by the City of Brotherly Love.

Favorite favors:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Fun fact – I love creating mix CDs for friends and family. Call me crazy, but I love the feeling that comes along with picking out the perfect selection of songs and putting them into a fun order that I know the other person will enjoy. As a result, when I read about this couple, I immediately became enthralled with their favor idea: mix CDs of songs they traded back and forth while dating. Didn’t trade songs? Put together a mix of both of your favorite songs in general. It’s a great favor idea because guests can use your gift to them immediately and listen to the CDs on their way home. You can find labels here, and Etsy is a great source for CD sleeves.

Favorite shoes:

photo courtesy TOMS

Heals are beautiful to look at and dream about; however, they are not always so comfortable to wear. My solution? Wear TOMS for your entire wedding day or just for your reception! I absolutely love them because they are so comfortable (just make sure to break them in before your wedding), and they allow you to give back to kids in need. I came across the crochet pair pictured above this week, but this pair is also perfect for when you tie the knot.

Are you planning a winter activity for this weekend? Whatever your plans are, enjoy!


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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I spend a lot of time reading other wedding blogs in search of inspiration and because I truly enjoy reading about the weddings that couples so thoughtfully plan. I love seeing everything come together into one creative, beautiful day, and there are so many times each week when the details of a wedding (or sometimes the entire day) simply make me smile or blow me away entirely. As a result, I had a thought: why not jump on the week in review bandwagon a la Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, and Southern Weddings? Exactly. So, each week I will bring to you my favorite wedding details from across the web and beyond.

Everything must start somewhere, so welcome to week one of Weekly Wedding Favorites.

Favorite song:

In my opinion, Jason Mraz can do no wrong. Simply put, I love the message of this song: devotion. It reminds me of my grandparents, my grandfather specifically, who will be married for 70 years this year. Procession? First dance? Both valid options. I say daily repeat.

Favorite find:

photo courtesy Armstrong & Wilson

It can be so difficult to find and decide what to give your groom and groomsmen as a gift, which is one of the reasons why I was so excited to hear about the pocket squares designed by Armstrong & Wilson. Each square is designed from a different type of fabric representing a different look. To tie each collection together, every square is accented with a button. Oh, and another reason why I am a fan is because the company and designers are based in Philly!

Favorite color palette:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Peach definitely seems to be making a comeback, and I, for one, am a fan. This shade in particular modernizes the color, and I love that it is paired with brighter tones so both really pop in the bouquet. See more from this wedding here.

Favorite idea:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Meant to replace a journal or diary, I first came across this idea on Pinterest and immediately thought of a guestbook. There are a couple of ways to incorporate this idea. Before they leave, guests could sign a slip of paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, or even gift tags would work well) and write down their favorite memory from your wedding. Another idea would be for guests to write down their favorite memory that they have shared with you or your groom since you’ve known each other. To take it in another direction, you could also ask for your guests’ best advice to help guide you in your marriage. Read the messages all at once or read a few each day.

Favorite photo:

photo courtesy Jennifer Childress

I loved so many of photos from this post about Jennifer Childress. However, this one, which was taken in the Phillies stadium, is my favorite because I didn’t realize you could host your wedding at the stadium. Devoted fans: this idea is for you!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

I hope you all had a great week. Happy weekend, all!

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