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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I have to say this has been one of my favorite weeks in a while. I realized that there are certain things that I just love doing, and that I should go after them with all.that.I.have. That certain thing? It’s writing. I really love it, and hearing that other people like and enjoy what I have to say brings me pure joy. A few of my favorite reasons why this week has been awesome…

Favorite Guest Post:

To start off the week, I was the guest blogger on Dodeline Design’s blog! I had a blast writing my post, which was all about Philadelphia. I named my top five things to do in the city (which proved to be difficult!), and I included many personal photos snapped during a couple of my adventures. Check it out right here.

Favorite Registry Finds: 

I love wandering through Anthropologie’s Philly flagship store, or any of the brand’s stores for that matter. I am always able to pick out a couple of favorite decor items when I visit, so I thought I would pull together items to add to your registry or purchase as a surprise add-on to a gift for the bride and groom. One of my favorite items that I happened upon is this book  because it would be the perfect gift for a bride who has just announced that she’s engaged.

Favorite Detail:

I had to look closely at this detail when I saw it on Style Me Pretty’s Pinterest page. Those pages are folded to form “I Do.” That takes my folding down the pages of my calendar to count down to summer school activity to a completely different (and way awesome) level. I would love to see something like this on a welcome table at a wedding. See more of the details from the couple’s wedding on Style Me Pretty here.

Favorite Activity: 

Although dancing and mingling with guests will keep many completely occupied and having fun for hours, if you happen to be hosting an outdoor wedding, I love the idea of adding in a couple of outdoor games. Ping pong is one of my top picks because it’s fun for kids to play and equally as enjoyable for adults. I love how this couple even added some flair to the table with bunting flags in their wedding’s colors.

Favorite Late Night Snack: 

Although I talked all about delicious hometown foods to serve your guests as a late night snack last week (here + here), I just had to include this one from Southern Weddings. S’mores are one of my favorite summertime treats (or anytime really. when there’s chocolate, I’m in), and these look…dare I say…decadent. The couple who served them even went so far as to make homemade marshmellows. With that said, I’ll be right there with you purchasing a bag from the grocery store. : )

I’m going adventuring this weekend, and one of the activities I will be doing is going to my first Phillies game. I’m.SO.excited. Have a great weekend!



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Weekly Wedding Favorites

After deciding on this week’s favorites, I realized something: I’m pretty excited about life right now. I like this feeling! This week’s favorites include a Rihanna song that might just guarantee a full dance floor, a photo sample from an engagement session that might be my favorite…ever, and an alternative to a sparkler exit. Feeling pumped yet? : )

Favorite Reception Song:

Every time I hear “We Found Love” by Rihanna, I want to dance. Because that is normally the goal at a wedding – get those guests on the floor! – I think this song is one of the best ways to do it. Would you agree?

Favorite Bachelorette Party Idea:

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Opening Day was Monday, so we’re into Phillies season, y’all! I’m pumped to go to my first game in just a couple of weeks with one of my best friends. Attending a game is a great alternative for a baseball-loving bride who is not totally into a bar crawl.

Favorite Engagement Photo:

photo courtesy of Jenna Walcott Photography

Recently, Jenna Walcott hinted on her Facebook page that she was pretty excited about an engagement session she had the opportunity to shoot in the early morning light with D.C couple Amy & Jack. As a fan of sunrises, I was already looking forward to the photos. However, I could not stop myself from saying “wow” as I was looking through her blog filled with images from the session. Stunning.

Favorite Altar:

photo via Southern Weddings

Although so many outdoor venues provide beautiful landscapes on their own, I really, really love the altar that surrounded this couple while they said, “I do.” Lining the aisle with vases, mason jars, lanterns, or petals is also another option. However, by creating an awesome floral alter, this couple caused everyone’s eyes to be drawn directly to them.

Favorite Exit: 

photo courtesy of Southern Weddings

Who has not fallen in love with a sparkler exit? They’re always so beautiful and create stunning images. However, I adore this couple’s balloon exist. Although they had their guests release balloons to celebrate as they left their ceremony, it’s also a great idea to keep in mind for an afternoon reception.

Feeling pumped yet? : )

Happy weekend, all!


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Weekly Wedding Favorites

Thanks to the awesome warm temperatures, I’m planning to go on an adventure to Washington, D.C. in order to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. As a result, I have been seriously looking forward to this weekend! My mirror love fest continued this week, and I’ve also pulled together other favorites, including a bridesmaid dress I adore, as well as a surprise wedding.

Favorite Reflection:

photo courtesy Jenna Walcott Photography

photo courtesy Sarah Schulte Photography

When I starting thinking about gathering photos to continue my mirror love fest (see more here + here), I immediately thought of the first photo by Jenna Walcott. I love how two of the bride’s most important wedding day items are featured in the photo – her bouquet brilliantly in the foreground and her dress softly reflecting in the background. Excited, happy people are awesome, and that’s exactly how the bride in the second photo, captured by Sarah Schulte, looks. Plus she’s glowing, and her mom is too sweet.

Favorite Group Idea:

photo courtesy SWOON OVER IT

As I was linking all of the websites for Wednesday’s post, I was scrolling through Amanda’s blog, and I came across the above photo. I think that this couple’s “must have” – a group photo – is such a great idea! I love how you can see everyone who attended the wedding in one fun shot.

Favorite Bridesmaid Dress:

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

Every time I see this dress pictured, I am reminded how much I love it because it’s so different. Half striped + one shoulder & off the shoulder + pockets + Kelly Green = AH! I love this dress. Who’s with me? I would love to see bridesmaids wearing this piece of perfection in the spring or summer.

Favorite Cake Detail:

photo courtesy Brides.com

The Eiffel Tower is painted onto this cake from Brides.com. What?! I actually did a double take when I came across it on their blog. I also love the Fleur-de-lis, which almost appear as if they are strung like a garland around the perimeter of the cake. Do you love Paris? Did you and your beau meet while studying abroad in Paris in college? Serve this cake.

Favorite Shocker:

Y’all, this couple surprised their friends and family by planning a wedding and not telling a soul. We’re not talking about secretly eloping. We’re talking about a fully planned wedding on New Year’s Eve without telling anyone. The details, flowers, photos, and wedding look beautiful in this post from Style Me Pretty. The fact that they planned their day in mere weeks because he was serving in Iraq (thank you for what you do!) is insane, but it’s a great reminder, as the bride says, “Remind yourself that a wedding isn’t about dresses or cakes. It’s about committing to a lifetime together, and nothing can take away the beauty that brings to your day!” Agreed.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I stayed true to my word this week, and I visited the Philadelphia Flower Show. The stunning arrangements definitely made up for the fact that I went on a tour of some of Philly’s parking garages (read: it took three to finally find a spot, and I could have hugged the attendant who allowed me to pull my RAV4 into a compact car slot). In addition to the inspiration provided by the flower show, including a Philly venue idea, two getaway mobiles and a lovely wire ring for your bridesmaids also blew me away. Read on, y’all!

Favorite Centerpiece (and Philly event!):

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

You already know how much I enjoy going to the flower show, which continues until Sunday. You can only imagine how excited I was then when I came across the rainbow centerpiece pictured above. As I said here, it’s beautiful and so amazing.

Favorite Philly Venue:

photo courtesy V.I.P. Magazine

With spring and summer upon us (hello, warm weather!), I can’t stop thinking about outdoor weddings. I love that The Fairmount Park Horticulture Center allows you to host your wedding within the walls of the greenhouse or outside by the reflecting pool. The grounds seem gorgeous, and I love that Fairmount Park is part of Philly’s landmark core. They have also just partnered with Stephen Starr Events, so you’ve just found your caterer too.

Favorite Bridesmaid Gift:

photo courtesy Fabulous Wire

Pinterest is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, and I immediately clicked on the photo above, which was posted by Emmaline Bride. I love (enjoy the pun because it’s true!) this ring created by Etsy designer Fabulous Wire. It’s such a reasonably priced gift to give to your bridesmaids, and aside from being unique, my favorite feature is that it’s adjustable – no need to worry about sizes.

Favorite Getaway(s):

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

Everything just looks better with cascading ribbons and flowers, don’t you think? I love these getaway bikes that this Southern Weddings couple hopped on to ride away from their soirée together because they added both! Biking away from your reception is definitely one to consider if you are hosting a wedding down the shore. Although I was completely sold on the getaway bikes, I also was swooning over that getaway car! I love that the couple adorned their car with pom-poms instead of cans because they add a great blast of color.

Favorite Honeymoon Item:

photo courtesy Kate Spade

Since I can remember, there’s always been a special place in my heart reserved for Kate Spade. Although I don’t own any of her pieces (yet!), when I came across this (albeit slightly expensive) bow adorned bag, I immediately thought it would look perfect to carry on your honeymoon to one of the Caribbean’s tropical islands.

After a busy couple of weeks, I am planning to relax and possibly buy my LOVE ring find this weekend. What are your plans? 

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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: this week flew by. That may be due to the fact that one of my best friends came in for a whirlwind weekend, which included days in Philly, NYC, and Bear Creek Mountain. Insane? Absolutely. Best weekend ever? I think yes.

Even though I felt like I was living in a town called Crazy this week, I still had time to search for inspiration. Below are this week’s Weekly Wedding Favorites.

Favorite fun activity:

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

I really love to go skiing; however, another fun winter activity is ice-skating, which just happened to be one of the events of last weekend. My friend and I spent two awesome hours ice-skating at the Wollman Rink in Central Park. We had unlimited skating time, and the view? It was to die for, as you can partially see in the photo above. We loved that the rink was larger than the ones found in Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park, but the Wollman Rink felt equally as festive and enjoyable. Of course, if you’re not looking to go to NYC, you can also check out the River Rink at Penn’s Landing, which will also provide a fun night with beautiful views.

Favorite viral video:

Oh my, don’t even get me started on my love of the Olympics. Does anyone else count down the years and months until competition starts again? With this in mind along with my love of proposal videos, you can only imagine how excited I was when Brides posted the above video on their blog. USA swimmer Matt Grevers had planned to propose to girlfriend Annie Chambers at the top of the metal stand at the Missouri Grand Prix. Thankfully, Matt nabbed first place in his event, and when it was suggested that Annie join her (almost) fiancé on the metal stand for photos, she happily obliged. The moments that followed, including Annie’s expression, are so sweet.

Favorite stationary:

photo courtesy Cami's Paperie

I saw this post on Em for Marvelous this week, and I thought her fiancé’s way of asking his groomsman to be a part of the wedding day was so creative! However, if you are looking to mail your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl a note, I am definitely a fan of the above design by Cami’s Paperie. Although it’s always nice to ask people in person, if distance separates you (or even if it doesn’t!), I don’t know of too many people who don’t love receiving a message in the mail from a friend on customized stationary.

Favorite cake:

photo courtesy Pinterest & Southern Weddings

I have to admit, this bow cake is not from the past week. It’s been on my Pinterest board just waiting to be posted, and it may have arrived two weeks ago. Putting time aside, it caught my eye the moment I saw it while reading about this couple. I love how the bow is delicately draped in the front of the cake, and I also may be a huge fan of the floral arrangement, too. The fact that it is void of any color or overwhelming details, yet still looks so unique and striking makes it a winner. Although pictured at a more informal wedding, this cake would be equally as perfect at a formal affair. A posting delay does not matter when you have a cake that is such a unique winner!

Favorite Valentine’s Day Story:

photo courtesy Pinterest

I nearly cried when I saw the photo of the man pictured above on Facebook and again on Pinterest, and then I read the story behind the photo which was taken by a fellow shopper.

Today I was in Hallmark buying my mom a Happy Birthday card when I noticed this old man stnding in front of the Valentines card section contemplating which one to get. I decide to go over and I asked him “Are you getting a Valentine’s Day for your wife?” in which he replies, ‘No my wife died 3 years ago from breast cancer but I still buy her roses and a card and bring them to her grave to prove to her that she was the only one that will ever have my heart.’

Pure everlasting love and devotion is beautiful and endearing. Senior citizens win…always.

What are some of your favorites from this week? What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Enjoy your weekend! 

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