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Inspiration Board: Wild for Wildflowers

Hello again, readers! Y’all, I let life take over a little bit, and I just got busy. I sincerely apologize for my (much longer than anticipated) break from blogging. However, I’ve missed writing about weddings, so I’m back and ready to go yet again.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I was invited to be involved in a recent photo shoot. It was one of the best and most fun experiences I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to share more (soon, very soon). With that said, one of my favorite elements of our photo shoot was how we incorporated wildflowers (read: fell completely in love with this detail). I absolutely love the idea of planning a bridal shower or wedding inspired by wildflowers because of the brilliant colors they offer.  As a result, I thought an inspiration board was in order centered around wildflowers no less.

{Photo Credits: Top Row: Southern Weddings, PinterestUnited With Love; Middle Row: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Minted; Bottom Row: Brides, 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty}

And the photo from our shoot of the bouquets (plus two goofy girls – me & Sarah from Dodeline Design) that inspired this week’s board…

{Photo Credit: Sea Star Arts}

Is anyone else in love with wildflowers? I think they are so perfect for the summer, which just happens to start today. I hope you enjoy the longest day of the year!


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Weekly Wedding Favorites

Did this week fly by for anyone else? I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week’s favorites include, but are not limited to, a fun winter getaway (seems fitting since it’s actually going to feel like winter this weekend!), a website, and shoes. Interested? Read on!

Favorite getaway:

photo courtesy Orbitz.com

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

I decided to learn how to ski on a whim three years ago, and this year I discovered a hidden gem in Macungie, PA called Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The resort is home to a hotel, lodge, 21 trails, a learning center, and plenty more. I love that it’s close enough to go for a quick day trip where you get to ski or snowboard down the mountain countless times because you hardly ever have to wait in line to go up on one of the four lifts. However, because of the hotel, you can easily turn your day trip into an overnight stay. Check out this $95 deal for a winter getaway that includes your hotel room, lift tickets, and complimentary tubing for one night (almost two full days) of winter goodness between Sunday and Thursday.

Favorite website:

Have you ever visited the Welcome Home Blog? I can’t even talk about that site because each surprise military homecoming video tends to make me cry. Although I wasn’t crying when I discovered Ring On the Finger, which happens to be part of the same blogging group as the WHB so you already know it’s a fun site, I was still just as excited. Ring on the Finger is filled with videos of marriage proposals. Count me in as a viewer!

Favorite accessory to carry down the aisle:

photo courtesy Pinterest & Style Me Pretty

As I mentioned in this post, pomanders are a sweet accessory for any flower girl to carry down the aisle, while a ring bowl is the perfect solution for your ring bearer. Don’t forget that this Etsy option can be customized with the Liberty Bell, which is a great hometown touch for a Philly wedding or one that is inspired by the City of Brotherly Love.

Favorite favors:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Fun fact – I love creating mix CDs for friends and family. Call me crazy, but I love the feeling that comes along with picking out the perfect selection of songs and putting them into a fun order that I know the other person will enjoy. As a result, when I read about this couple, I immediately became enthralled with their favor idea: mix CDs of songs they traded back and forth while dating. Didn’t trade songs? Put together a mix of both of your favorite songs in general. It’s a great favor idea because guests can use your gift to them immediately and listen to the CDs on their way home. You can find labels here, and Etsy is a great source for CD sleeves.

Favorite shoes:

photo courtesy TOMS

Heals are beautiful to look at and dream about; however, they are not always so comfortable to wear. My solution? Wear TOMS for your entire wedding day or just for your reception! I absolutely love them because they are so comfortable (just make sure to break them in before your wedding), and they allow you to give back to kids in need. I came across the crochet pair pictured above this week, but this pair is also perfect for when you tie the knot.

Are you planning a winter activity for this weekend? Whatever your plans are, enjoy!


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Real Wedding Spotlight: Jeanine & Cory by Jenna Walcott

I was so excited when this wedding, which was photographed by Jenna Walcott, landed in my inbox. Why? Because Jeanine and Cory decided to tie the knot right across the river from Philly at The Westin Mount Laurel on New Year’s Eve, and they threw one rockin’ reception with just enough glam to boot!

As evidenced by the photos and Jenna description below, even though the energy was definitely high throughout the night, so many sweet moments were captured between the bride and her mother, the bride and groom, and the couple and their guests. I love the sparkle in Jeanine’s mother’s eyes right after she has placed her daughter’s veil on her head, as well as Cory’s pure happiness while watching Jeanine walk down the aisle. Then there are the shots from the reception where Jeanine cannot help but laugh as Cory twirls her around the dance floor, in addition to moments of breaking out in song between Jeanine and her guests. These moments combined with the details of this wedding (it’s complete with the necessary NYE hats and horns too) are what make these nuptials truly stand out.

Take a look at the photos and Jenna’s note below – I think you will have to agree that if this wedding doesn’t seem like one fun and meaningful time, I’m not sure which bash will.

From Photographer, Jenna Walcott: Jeanine and Cory, a truly and genuinely kind and lovely couple, got married on New Year’s Eve at the fabulous and newly renovated Westin in Mount Laurel, NJ. The day started off unseasonably sunny and mild for December and when we began the coverage we caught the last of some beautiful window light falling on us while Jeanine, her mom and her matrons of honor gathered in the bridal suite to put on the finishing touches. Once the sun was down, the party began! With an elegant ballroom ceremony and a guest list of 200+ who were ready to celebrate, this occasion was one of the more exciting ones I’ve had the pleasure of capturing! The dance floor was packed from beginning to end and guests of all ages were on their feet – a truly electric energy pulsed through every minute leading up to the turn of the new year and beyond. Yet, amidst all the bustle and wild spirit, I saw countless moments of tenderness and calm between Jeanine and Cory that gave me goosebumps – the kind of love that you know can stop time and make us all believe in “happily ever after”. Once the clock struck midnight, it was as if the party got it’s second wind and the crowd started all over again – bursting with energy and proving that the New Year really is all about New Beginnings. 

Make sure to point out your favorite moments in the comments, and head on over to Jenna’s blog to see even more photos of Jeanine and Cory’s high-energy NYE wedding.


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Going to the Chapel Heads to the South

As much as I love living in the North, where we experience varied seasons and have the ability to travel to neighboring NYC quickly, I love the South. To be more specific, I love Charleston and Kiawah Island. In my previous post, I mentioned that one way to ring in 2012 was to watch fireworks light up the night sky over the beach and ocean. Well, that’s exactly how I welcomed 2012.

I spent a week enjoying the beauty of Kiawah Island, a barrier island located 21 miles outside the charm of Charleston. My mornings were spent walking on the 10-mile stretch of beach scanning the ocean for dolphins, while my afternoons included long bike rides meandering along the island’s many bike trails. And then there were the sunsets – so beautiful every. single. time. Oh, and most of the days included temperatures in the 60s (in December and January!), which is downright balmy coming from Philly. Needless to say, my week spent with my family was wonderful. Kiawah never fails, and the pictures I snapped below help to show why.

If you’re searching for the perfect honeymoon spot that isn’t too far from Philadelphia, or if you’re looking for a fun place to go for a getaway weekend, consider going to Kiawah (more info here + accommodations info here). Activities ranging from biking and kayaking to golfing and tennis await, as well as ten miles of sandy shore. To help you plan your trip further, here is a link to help you learn more about Charleston (a horse and buggy ride through the city is one of the best ways to experience the town), and US Air continues to offer fairly inexpensive flight options.

I’m still a Northern girl, but my heart may belong to the South. Have no fear though, I’m still as dedicated as ever to helping you plan your Philly wedding. Stay tuned because another post is coming your way next week!

*all photos courtesy Going to the Chapel


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Photographer & Real Wedding Spotlight: A Q&A with Jenna Walcott

I don’t know about you, but I love wedding photography. And by love, I mean love, love, love everything about each photo. It seems fitting, then, to introduce you to some of the Philadelphia area’s photography pros. These guys and gals will document everything from your engagement to the moments before, during, and after your walk down the aisle, and you want these photos to be winners.

Shall we get started?

Let me introduce you to our first photography pro, Jenna Walcott. From the moment I first contacted her about this new series, she was on board. Let me tell you, Jenna is fun and very easy to talk to. All of which are important when choosing your photographer.

Prior to beginning her photography studies at the University of Delaware, Jenna discovered the Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work “In India,” and she realized she was really interested in the medium. After graduating and working for a photographer formerly affiliated with National Geographic, Jenna had a (decade long) stint in marketing before rediscovering her love of photography by photographing a wedding, no less. Jenna hasn’t stopped capturing weddings ever since, and on December 6, she launched her redesigned (!) website, which includes her updated brand, logo, and portfolio.

Below you’ll find a Q&A where Jenna talks about her love of photographing weddings in Philadelphia and beyond (she travels, too!), her photography aesthetic and favorite moments, as well as the reasons why she loved one couple in particular. Oh, and let’s not forget the Real Wedding photos of Phyllis and Brendan’s day, which took place in September 2011 at the Phoenixville Foundry. There’s one photo of Phyllis and Brendan sharing a kiss with her veil blowing in the wind. Oh my. Just wait.

Going to the Chapel: Why do you enjoy photographing couples in the Philadelphia area?

Jenna Walcott: Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have so many hidden gems – from the textured urban landscapes of the city to the quaint environments tucked away in Bucks County to the small but charming towns along the Schuylkill – the variety is endless. I also love Philadelphia couples because (at least in my experience) the area is full of wonderful, down to Earth people who are genuinely lovely to work with. I photograph weddings and couples from metro Philly to DC locally, so I am lucky to enjoy the charms of many of the Mid-Altantic geographies and in the end it all comes down to truly enjoying photographing couples in love – no matter where they come from.

GTTC: Some of the moments you capture are set in black and white while others are in color. Is there one that you prefer? Why?

JW: When I learned to shoot it was on Black and White film. And there is something so timeless and classic about a black and white shot.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love color photography, and the advancement in digital photography has made using color such a different experience and I think color photography has become a very powerful tool. I take careful consideration in converting an image to black and white because I think there are certain qualities in an image that lend itself well to that presentation: the strength of the moment caught, the light used to capture it, the composition and its ability to communicate visually without the use of color. In many ways, when you take color out of photograph, the photo must be able to speak for itself – thus the decision becomes an important one.

GTTC: What is your number one favorite moment at a wedding that you try to capture at every event?

JW: That’s an incredibly difficult question! There are so many moments that I look forward to at every wedding that it would be nearly impossible to choose just one. But I think the “favorite” moment I work hardest to capture at each wedding is the one that I haven’t captured yet before – at any other wedding. The key moments during every wedding are all unique, because every couple and their bond is truly unique, but I am always looking for that true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch tenderness, joy, love and genuine emotion that no one can predict will overcome them.

GTTC: Some couples look forward to taking photos while others dislike the attention. What are your top five ways for couples to relax and have fun at their shoot?

JW: I think it all starts with trust – I work hard to build a relationship with my clients so they can feel at ease. And doing an engagement shoot really helps with working out the “in-front-of-the-camera” jitters. I highly recommend doing one if you are getting married! This dress-rehearsal of sorts gives couples a pressure free environment to practice feeling natural in front of the camera and it helps to establish a level of trust between us in working together. I started creating Pinterest boards with my couples to inspire ideas about wardrobe because I receive so many questions about what to wear. This way we get to explore the style of the shoot together and I learn from them what they really are attracted to visually. It’s a great ice breaker! I also sometimes pop some music on my iPhone to either create mood or lighten it up. What seems to work best though is helping the couple to understand that focusing on each other will help the camera to disappear altogether – allowing those authentic moments to come alive.

GTTC: Do you have a story (and photos!) about a couple whose session you really enjoyed photographing?

JW: Phyllis and Brendan were a pleasure to photograph – from the engagement session to their fabulous wedding day – they always were a romantic and intimate couple that just made you want to curl up in front of a fire with the one you love.

They are honest and gentle and loving – toward one another and toward the world.

From the moment I met them, I instantly felt this genuine sense of tenderness and warmth that you just don’t get all that often from people. Needless to say, it was an emotional ceremony and an extremely touching day – the type of wedding that makes me not just love what I do, but live for it.

The Phoenixville Foundry is a stunning venue, with their loft-style ballroom and full- length windows they provide a dramatic and modern atmosphere in the middle of a charming little downtown locale. Their timber-framed open-style bridge makes for a great location to shoot portraits and group shots and leads into a nice field where you can take advantage of some green and open space. Rustic, modern and urban, this spot is a photographer’s dream!

If you would like to contact Jenna, you can do so here on her website. Be sure to visit Jenna’s new site, in general, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter (or you can do all three!).

Featured vendors: Photography: Jenna Walcott {} Venue: Phoenixville Foundry {} Catering: Queen of Hearts Catering

Be sure to keep checking the blog for our next photographer spotlight; however, have you every worked with Jenna? What about your experience did you love? What are some of the photos you are most looking forward to from your engagement session and wedding day? Make sure to comment below! 

*all photos courtesy Jenna Walcott Photography

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