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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I have to say this has been one of my favorite weeks in a while. I realized that there are certain things that I just love doing, and that I should go after them with all.that.I.have. That certain thing? It’s writing. I really love it, and hearing that other people like and enjoy what I have to say brings me pure joy. A few of my favorite reasons why this week has been awesome…

Favorite Guest Post:

To start off the week, I was the guest blogger on Dodeline Design’s blog! I had a blast writing my post, which was all about Philadelphia. I named my top five things to do in the city (which proved to be difficult!), and I included many personal photos snapped during a couple of my adventures. Check it out right here.

Favorite Registry Finds: 

I love wandering through Anthropologie’s Philly flagship store, or any of the brand’s stores for that matter. I am always able to pick out a couple of favorite decor items when I visit, so I thought I would pull together items to add to your registry or purchase as a surprise add-on to a gift for the bride and groom. One of my favorite items that I happened upon is this book  because it would be the perfect gift for a bride who has just announced that she’s engaged.

Favorite Detail:

I had to look closely at this detail when I saw it on Style Me Pretty’s Pinterest page. Those pages are folded to form “I Do.” That takes my folding down the pages of my calendar to count down to summer school activity to a completely different (and way awesome) level. I would love to see something like this on a welcome table at a wedding. See more of the details from the couple’s wedding on Style Me Pretty here.

Favorite Activity: 

Although dancing and mingling with guests will keep many completely occupied and having fun for hours, if you happen to be hosting an outdoor wedding, I love the idea of adding in a couple of outdoor games. Ping pong is one of my top picks because it’s fun for kids to play and equally as enjoyable for adults. I love how this couple even added some flair to the table with bunting flags in their wedding’s colors.

Favorite Late Night Snack: 

Although I talked all about delicious hometown foods to serve your guests as a late night snack last week (here + here), I just had to include this one from Southern Weddings. S’mores are one of my favorite summertime treats (or anytime really. when there’s chocolate, I’m in), and these look…dare I say…decadent. The couple who served them even went so far as to make homemade marshmellows. With that said, I’ll be right there with you purchasing a bag from the grocery store. : )

I’m going adventuring this weekend, and one of the activities I will be doing is going to my first Phillies game. I’m.SO.excited. Have a great weekend!



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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I stayed true to my word this week, and I visited the Philadelphia Flower Show. The stunning arrangements definitely made up for the fact that I went on a tour of some of Philly’s parking garages (read: it took three to finally find a spot, and I could have hugged the attendant who allowed me to pull my RAV4 into a compact car slot). In addition to the inspiration provided by the flower show, including a Philly venue idea, two getaway mobiles and a lovely wire ring for your bridesmaids also blew me away. Read on, y’all!

Favorite Centerpiece (and Philly event!):

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

You already know how much I enjoy going to the flower show, which continues until Sunday. You can only imagine how excited I was then when I came across the rainbow centerpiece pictured above. As I said here, it’s beautiful and so amazing.

Favorite Philly Venue:

photo courtesy V.I.P. Magazine

With spring and summer upon us (hello, warm weather!), I can’t stop thinking about outdoor weddings. I love that The Fairmount Park Horticulture Center allows you to host your wedding within the walls of the greenhouse or outside by the reflecting pool. The grounds seem gorgeous, and I love that Fairmount Park is part of Philly’s landmark core. They have also just partnered with Stephen Starr Events, so you’ve just found your caterer too.

Favorite Bridesmaid Gift:

photo courtesy Fabulous Wire

Pinterest is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, and I immediately clicked on the photo above, which was posted by Emmaline Bride. I love (enjoy the pun because it’s true!) this ring created by Etsy designer Fabulous Wire. It’s such a reasonably priced gift to give to your bridesmaids, and aside from being unique, my favorite feature is that it’s adjustable – no need to worry about sizes.

Favorite Getaway(s):

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

Everything just looks better with cascading ribbons and flowers, don’t you think? I love these getaway bikes that this Southern Weddings couple hopped on to ride away from their soirée together because they added both! Biking away from your reception is definitely one to consider if you are hosting a wedding down the shore. Although I was completely sold on the getaway bikes, I also was swooning over that getaway car! I love that the couple adorned their car with pom-poms instead of cans because they add a great blast of color.

Favorite Honeymoon Item:

photo courtesy Kate Spade

Since I can remember, there’s always been a special place in my heart reserved for Kate Spade. Although I don’t own any of her pieces (yet!), when I came across this (albeit slightly expensive) bow adorned bag, I immediately thought it would look perfect to carry on your honeymoon to one of the Caribbean’s tropical islands.

After a busy couple of weeks, I am planning to relax and possibly buy my LOVE ring find this weekend. What are your plans? 

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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I spend a lot of time reading other wedding blogs in search of inspiration and because I truly enjoy reading about the weddings that couples so thoughtfully plan. I love seeing everything come together into one creative, beautiful day, and there are so many times each week when the details of a wedding (or sometimes the entire day) simply make me smile or blow me away entirely. As a result, I had a thought: why not jump on the week in review bandwagon a la Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, and Southern Weddings? Exactly. So, each week I will bring to you my favorite wedding details from across the web and beyond.

Everything must start somewhere, so welcome to week one of Weekly Wedding Favorites.

Favorite song:

In my opinion, Jason Mraz can do no wrong. Simply put, I love the message of this song: devotion. It reminds me of my grandparents, my grandfather specifically, who will be married for 70 years this year. Procession? First dance? Both valid options. I say daily repeat.

Favorite find:

photo courtesy Armstrong & Wilson

It can be so difficult to find and decide what to give your groom and groomsmen as a gift, which is one of the reasons why I was so excited to hear about the pocket squares designed by Armstrong & Wilson. Each square is designed from a different type of fabric representing a different look. To tie each collection together, every square is accented with a button. Oh, and another reason why I am a fan is because the company and designers are based in Philly!

Favorite color palette:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Peach definitely seems to be making a comeback, and I, for one, am a fan. This shade in particular modernizes the color, and I love that it is paired with brighter tones so both really pop in the bouquet. See more from this wedding here.

Favorite idea:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Meant to replace a journal or diary, I first came across this idea on Pinterest and immediately thought of a guestbook. There are a couple of ways to incorporate this idea. Before they leave, guests could sign a slip of paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, or even gift tags would work well) and write down their favorite memory from your wedding. Another idea would be for guests to write down their favorite memory that they have shared with you or your groom since you’ve known each other. To take it in another direction, you could also ask for your guests’ best advice to help guide you in your marriage. Read the messages all at once or read a few each day.

Favorite photo:

photo courtesy Jennifer Childress

I loved so many of photos from this post about Jennifer Childress. However, this one, which was taken in the Phillies stadium, is my favorite because I didn’t realize you could host your wedding at the stadium. Devoted fans: this idea is for you!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

I hope you all had a great week. Happy weekend, all!

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