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Weekly Wedding Favorites

I cannot believe it’s already the end of April, which means it’s also been just about a year since the Royal Wedding. Best wedding ever? I still think so! I’m sure your wedding will be a great day too, so without further ado my favorites to help you plan your day…

Favorite New Movie:

Scenes from Bridesmaids still make me laugh, and I am really looking forward to seeing The Five Year Engagement because both were produced by the same team. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt seem like the perfect pair (as their characters of course!), and it seems like it’s going to be genuinely funny. Is anyone else looking forward to seeing this movie? It comes out today!

Favorite Ceremony Seating:

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

I happened to see this seating arrangement as part of a May Day post on Elizabeth Anne Designs this week. I was immediately struck by the seating arrangement because it allows the couple to be surrounded by their friends and family while they say their vows. I think it’s so unique and very intimate.

Favorite Item for a Lounge:

photo courtesy of The Home Depot

photo courtesy of The Home Depot

I found these pillows (see them here + here) at The Home Depot last weekend, and for only $13.98 each, I think they would make a great addition to a lounge area at a wedding.  I think both of the above pillows are perfect for a lounge area at your wedding. I love how they have different patterns, but are tied together by their color scheme. Coral and aqua also happen to be two of my favorite colors. There are plenty more patterns and colors to choose from here.

Favorite Midnight Snack:

photo courtesy of Pinterest

This week I created another inspiration board, but rather than focusing on mirrors, this board was about my favorite Philly-inspired midnight snacks. Cheesesteaks, milkshakes, and TastyKake Krimpets are at the top of my list. What would you serve?

Favorite Upcoming Event:

photo courtesy of Dodeline Design

The above photo is by Dodeline Design, a graphic design house based in Charleston, SC. In addition to creating pretty stationary and so much more, Sarah is also a blogger. She asked me to guest blog on her site on Monday, and I could not be more excited. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

Have a great weekend! Meet me over on Dodeline Design’s blog on Monday? Sounds like a plan.


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