Carly is Inspired!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted anything on Going to the Chapel, but it’s because I’ve moved to a new blog! I started Going to the Chapel as an intern with as a way to earn credits for my internship while expanding my knowledge of the wedding industry. To be honest, I also really needed a creative outlet. I’ve loved creating a community and watching it grow to have enough views to fill Lincoln Financial Field on the night of a concert. Mind. Blown. I’ve also loved connecting with area vendors – some of which have become fast friends – and being able to confidently talk about how to plan a wedding.


Caroline Joy’s bouquet: photo by Ryan Ray via

But I started to crave having a space where I could talk about the other things that inspire me. I love weddings, I really do, but I also love fashion, design, and living a life that I will want to talk about and share with others when I’m 80.


Inspiration board via Carly is Inspired

In December of 2012, I took the leap and purchased a domain. I collected inspiration. I attended Making Things Happen, which helped me get to the core of who I am. And then there was the day I launched my new blog, Carly is Inspired. It’s filled with pink, bows, weddings, and tons of design inspiration. Won’t you visit me in my new space? I promise it will be worth it!


To everyone who has read Going to the Chapel, thank you. Without you, I would have never experienced all that I have and all that I hope to continue to do.

PS: There’s a giveaway happening right now over on Carly is Inspired, and it ends tonight at 11:59 PM!


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