Weekly Wedding Favorites

How was your week? I hope you enjoyed it! This week was completely focused on bouquets, which happen to be one of my favorite features of any wedding. I love the colors couples choose to incorporate, and of course the flowers. As a result, bouquets are making a double appearance in this week’s favorites along with a Christina Perri song, a video that makes me laugh, and more.

Favorite Bouquet:

photo courtesy of MODA botanica

This week’s featured Q&A was with MODA botanica. The group of florists – yes, you read that correctly – is made up of two Philly-based designers. Together, both create modern arrangements, such as the corsage style bouquet featured above, for events and weddings. To learn more about MODA botanica, you can read all of their answers to the Q&A right here.

Favorite Bouquet Wrap:

photo courtesy Ritzy Bee Blog + Martha Stewart Weddings

These bouquets are each wrapped with silk scarves. As someone who is scarf obsessed (I just purchased a special hanger for my scarves because they were overwhelming my closet – problem?), I think that this idea from Ritzy Bee is so unique. The scarves provide additional color to your bouquet, which could be fun for an all white bouquet. I love the texture and added length, too.

Favorite Laugh:

Although this couple is not yet married, they may very well be on their way. Of course it may be a pretend wedding because both are part of a Nike commercial called “I Would Run To You.” I like the message behind it, but even more than that, the guy makes me laugh every time. (Side note: I wish I could run so effortlessly as the girl. Is anyone else with me?)

Favorite Hairstyle:

photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Last week I mentioned how much I.love.braids. As a result, what’s the harm in bringing back one of my favorite hairstyles for a second week in a row? I came across this hairstyle, which is part of a Style Me Pretty styled shoot. It’s actually two braids – one in the front that’s then incorporated into a larger braid. The feathered headband is also a great added touch that really completes the look.

Favorite Song:

My mom first introduced me to this song by Christina Perri. Helloooo, Philly girl! It’s one of my all-time favorite songs. Because my mom introduced it to me, I think it would be a perfect song for a father-daughter/mother-son dance at your wedding. It’s also a pretty and sweet song for your first dance.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend filled with family and friends. See you next week!


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  1. TERRIfic Words

    All those bouquets are so pretty! It’s gonna be hard to separate from them once the bouquet toss comes around.

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