All About Bouquets: A Q&A with MODA botanica

Remember when I mentioned that I attended the Philadelphia Flower Show? It’s my favorite Philly event, and I look forward to attending every year. Because I am wowed by so many of the arrangements (this year included!), I am so excited to introduce you to one of the florists who exhibited: MODA botanica.

As a result of their modern aesthetic, Philadelphia’s MODA botanica (they’re available worldwide, too!) definitely would be perfect for a couple seeking more modern designs for their arrangements. Not only do they present flowers in different ways, but MODA botanica also likes to incorporate untraditional elements into the arrangements they create (think zip ties, yarn, and shipping containers). Aside from the designs that they create (wait for the photos!) one of my favorite aspects about the group is that is what they are – a group of two florists who decided to collaborate.

Although MODA botanica creates all different types of arrangements perfect for your wedding, today is all about bouquets with a couple of other gorgeous photos of tablescapes in addition. Confession: I. love. bouquets. Do you love them, too? Below MODA botanica graciously answered questions for today’s Q&A, and some of my favorite answers are what they have to say about blooms perfect for spring as well as the top five things to keep in mind about your bouquet.

Take a moment to learn more about MODA botanica…

Going to the Chapel: Why did you want to become a florist?

MODA botanica: We have a passion for design and nature and working with flowers allows us the opportunity to be creative with the most beautiful product available in the world.

GTTC: Why did you create MODA botanica?

MB: After years of creating original designs for other companies we saw an opening in the market for a forward thinking clientele who are looking for a unique floral experience.

GTTC: What services does MODA botanica offer? How do you differ from other area florists?

MB: MODA botanica offers custom floral and event design ranging from complete party décor down to a single gift arrangement. Our designs are based in an avant-garde aesthetic and we think of our arrangements as an individual expression of our client’s personality through the medium of floral art.

GTTC: Why do you enjoy designing floral arrangements for weddings in the Philadelphia area?

MB: Philadelphia is home to an amazing array of creative individuals who are looking for their weddings to be representative of their own personal sense of style and we love to use our talents to bring that vision to life through gorgeous botanicals.

GTTC: What are your top five favorite designs that MODA botanica has created?

MB: Our favorite designs to create are commissioned installations where we are able to let our creativity run wild, so I would have to say that our exhibits at the Philadelphia International Flower Show over the past four years are at the top of the list along with designs created for the Macy’s Flower Show, multiple photo shoots, etc. As far as our weddings and events, they are each so different and representative of the couple or host that it is hard to pick a favorite, that is like asking a parent to name their favorite child.

GTTC: What are your favorite flowers to incorporate into springtime bouquets?

MB: Spring is a time that provides us with beautiful flowering branch material like Quince, Cherry and Dogwood along with a plethora of bulb flowers: tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, etc. Currently the most amazing product on the market during the late winter and spring months are the Sweet Peas that are imported from Japan, if we have a chance to include them in our work while they are in season we will jump at the opportunity.

GTTC: What are your top five dos and don’ts for the bride’s bouquet?


  1. Select the dress before you ever consider the bouquet; the flowers should enhance and reflect the details and line of the dress and not compete with them.
  2. Take measurements. Scale is important; the bouquet should never overwhelm the bride.
  3. Add something personal: a significant flower, photo locket or a fabric remnant from your mother’s wedding dress, something that only you know about.
  4. Don’t be afraid of color. While classic pure white is appropriate for many occasions, it is perfectly acceptable to carry a bouquet of vibrant colored flowers. Remember that the bride is the center of attention and a bold color will grab your eye and bring the focus towards you.
  5. Place some trust in your floral designer to create the best end result. If you allow us some freedom to make something wonderful and unexpected for you, you are guaranteed to have a memorable bouquet.

GTTC: As a result of Kate Middleton’s bouquet, it seems like cascading bouquets are making a comeback. Do you feel that this is the case? What are some of the upcoming bouquet trends that excite you the most?

MB: We are definitely seeing the return of a cascading bouquet and are getting more and more requests for them and this excites us as we are a bit tired of seeing the same rounded hand-tied bouquets that seem to have been in style for over a decade. As designers focused on the cutting-edge, we always want to be ahead of the trends so we are presenting non-traditional bouquets with alternate carrying methods: draped over-the-wrist, a sphere cupped in the palm of the hand, or bouquets constructed off of a ring that slips over your finger are all a personal favorite.

GTTC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

MB: Similar to answer #5 in the do’s and don’ts section, I would like to add that placing some trust and freedom to create in your floral designer will always yield the best results. I know that many brides have spent years imagining their wedding day down to every last detail, however if you allow your vendors to invest some of themselves into their product you will be surprised at how much better the big picture becomes. Given some leeway as professionals we will always put our best foot forward to produce something that is truly special.

Thanks so much to MODA botanica! There’s even more info and photos on the group’s blog and on their Facebook page, so be sure to visit.

*all photos are courtesy of MODA botanica


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