Weekly Wedding Favorites

Thanks to the awesome warm temperatures, I’m planning to go on an adventure to Washington, D.C. in order to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. As a result, I have been seriously looking forward to this weekend! My mirror love fest continued this week, and I’ve also pulled together other favorites, including a bridesmaid dress I adore, as well as a surprise wedding.

Favorite Reflection:

photo courtesy Jenna Walcott Photography

photo courtesy Sarah Schulte Photography

When I starting thinking about gathering photos to continue my mirror love fest (see more here + here), I immediately thought of the first photo by Jenna Walcott. I love how two of the bride’s most important wedding day items are featured in the photo – her bouquet brilliantly in the foreground and her dress softly reflecting in the background. Excited, happy people are awesome, and that’s exactly how the bride in the second photo, captured by Sarah Schulte, looks. Plus she’s glowing, and her mom is too sweet.

Favorite Group Idea:

photo courtesy SWOON OVER IT

As I was linking all of the websites for Wednesday’s post, I was scrolling through Amanda’s blog, and I came across the above photo. I think that this couple’s “must have” – a group photo – is such a great idea! I love how you can see everyone who attended the wedding in one fun shot.

Favorite Bridesmaid Dress:

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

Every time I see this dress pictured, I am reminded how much I love it because it’s so different. Half striped + one shoulder & off the shoulder + pockets + Kelly Green = AH! I love this dress. Who’s with me? I would love to see bridesmaids wearing this piece of perfection in the spring or summer.

Favorite Cake Detail:

photo courtesy Brides.com

The Eiffel Tower is painted onto this cake from Brides.com. What?! I actually did a double take when I came across it on their blog. I also love the Fleur-de-lis, which almost appear as if they are strung like a garland around the perimeter of the cake. Do you love Paris? Did you and your beau meet while studying abroad in Paris in college? Serve this cake.

Favorite Shocker:

Y’all, this couple surprised their friends and family by planning a wedding and not telling a soul. We’re not talking about secretly eloping. We’re talking about a fully planned wedding on New Year’s Eve without telling anyone. The details, flowers, photos, and wedding look beautiful in this post from Style Me Pretty. The fact that they planned their day in mere weeks because he was serving in Iraq (thank you for what you do!) is insane, but it’s a great reminder, as the bride says, “Remind yourself that a wedding isn’t about dresses or cakes. It’s about committing to a lifetime together, and nothing can take away the beauty that brings to your day!” Agreed.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “Weekly Wedding Favorites

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and compliments! Just a note for anyone considering doing something similar…. make sure there is a place for your photographer to gain height so they can see everyone (balcony, second story, etc.). In that shot, I was standing on a huge ladder and it almost wasn’t high enough. So definitely something to keep in mind!!

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