Mirror Inspiration: Engagement & Wedding Photos

Last week’s mirror inspiration board was only the beginning of the mirror love fest (think mirror backdrops, centerpieces, and menus). These mirror details reflect light and add to the overall ambiance of your reception whether it lasts all afternoon or well into the evening. However, the fact that mirrors also reflect emotion may win…ever so slightly. Photos filled with double the emotion? Yes, please!

As promised, today’s post is filled with beautiful shots of dresses and bouquets; brides, grooms, and flower girls preparing for the big day; as well as an engagement shot that I really adore. All of these photos were captured by some of Philly’s best photographers. Seriously, these ladies are awesome.

Mirror Love Round 2 awaits…

Photo credits: 1, 2, 8, & 10: Jenna Walcott Photography; 3, 4, 7, & 12: Swoon Over It; 5, 6, & 11: Sarah Schulte Photography; 9: Heather DiPiazza Photography)

Tell me, are mirrors up your alley too? 

For more information and to get to know these photographers better, be sure to visit their respective websites, which are linked above. They really are fun to work with!



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2 responses to “Mirror Inspiration: Engagement & Wedding Photos

  1. TERRIfic Words

    I’ve always loved mirror shots, but I didn’t know you could get so creative with them! Definitely a source of inspiration for my upcoming nuptials.

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