Weekly Wedding Favorites

It’s warm(er) in Philly and the trees are in bloom! Who is happy about this shift toward spring? This blogger right here! I was able to stay inside though and pull together my favorite mirror detail finds into Going to the Chapel’s first inspiration board. YES! What do think? Aside from my mirror love, I have a couple other favorites from around the web this week…

Favorite Accessory:

photo via Any Kind

I happened upon this cute fold over clutch on Dodeline Design’s blog last Friday (right after I posted my Weekly Wedding Favorites, of course!), and I quickly clicked over to Any Kind’s Etsy store. Between carrying my phone, keys, and cash, clutches and wristlets fill up very quickly – and then tend to bulge. I love that you can carry all of your essentials to a wedding in this cute clutch without carrying a larger (slightly out of place) bag that takes away from the chicness of your overall look.

Favorite Flower Girl Dress:

photo via Southern Weddings

To be honest, I really love this couple’s entire wedding, which was featured on the Southern Weddings blog. However, if I have to pick one detail that stands out just a little bit more from the rest of the gorgeousness, it’s this flower girl’s dress. I love the tulle, the flowers, and the fact that it’s an age appropriate one-shoulder gown.

Favorite Centerpiece:

photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

I adore this centerpiece from Martha Stewart Weddings, which I featured yesterday on the mirror inspiration board. It’s a favorite because the mirror and its frame create a space for the bouquet and candles to be arranged closer together rather than scattered across the table. The candles’ reflection will also cast an even more dramatic glow on an elegant evening reception.

Favorite Cake Topper:

photo via Brides.com

I mentioned last week that I love this pom-pom adorned car, so obviously I’m also smitten with this cake topper. The colors, the price, and the overall look make it stand out to me. Added bonus? I love untraditional cake toppers that have that wedding feel but don’t necessarily feature a bride and groom on top of the cake – this one has that base covered.

Favorite Backdrop:

photo via Pinterest & Style Me Pretty

I mentioned yesterday that I love mirrors because they reflect light. A mirror backdrop complete with a gorgeous cake? I die! I love that all of the mirrors are different sizes and shapes, yet they combine to create one beautiful cohesive look.

I am so excited for the beautiful temperatures coming our way this weekend! Warm weather is definitely a favorite always. Have a great weekend!


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