Weekly Wedding Favorites

After I pieced together this post, I realized that this week my favorites are…a little random. However, they’re favorites nonetheless! Keep on reading for a fun save-the-date by an equally fun designer, a new take on a “first look,” as well as a Philly event that you really might want to pay a visit to.

Favorite Save-the-Date:

photo courtesy Dodeline Design

Created by Dodeline Design, this save-the-date is definitely a favorite. I love the idea of creating a timeline highlighting some of the most memorable moments in your relationship. This save-the-date would be perfect for a couple that has dated for a long time. I was also lucky enough to meet Sarah Reed, the oh-so-creative and sweet designer behind it all, this past week. Contact her – you won’t regret it!

Favorite Shoes:

photo courtesy Ritzy Bee & BHLDN

I confessed my love for TOMS (and flats in general!); however, I cannot deny the fact that heals can be so gorgeous. I love the pair pictured above by BHLDN because of the bows. I honestly cannot get enough of them, as well as this post by Ritzy Bee. However, because the price is definitely steep, I also found a couple of much more affordable options. Be sure to look at this pair by Nina and this pair by Lulu Townsend.

Favorite New Idea:

photo courtesy Southern Weddings

The emotional moment above showcases a father seeing his daughter for the first time in her gown, which also happened to be worn by her mother. It also represents a new take on an already new trend: sharing a “first look” with your dad as apposed to your fiancé. Y’all already know how I feel about “Daughters” by John Mayer. As a result, I was clearly dying when I read this post by Southern Weddings about this trend. It’s surely one to consider if you are feeling more traditional and want to see your fiancé for the first time as you walk down the aisle but still want those first moments in your gown photographed with someone you love.

Favorite Detail:

photo courtesy Pinterest & The Knot

Oh, lanterns. I happened across this photo on Pinterest (it’s originally from The Knot) this week, and I had to stop what I was doing for a second. Lanterns are so classic and elegant and just beautiful whether they are hanging from trees, lining your aisle, or sitting on your reception tables. They’re a simple detail with a lasting impact.

Favorite Philly Event:

photo courtesy The Philadelphia International Flower Show

Signals spring, gorgeous creative arrangements, and awesome florists…these are just a couple of the reasons why I love the Philadelphia Flower Show. This awesome event held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center happens to start this weekend, and it runs throughout the entire week. I’ve also heard there is special Wedding Wednesday night for brides. Need I say more? Be sure to check out the Flower Show’s website for more info!

Is anyone heading to the Flower Show this weekend? I hope so! Enjoy your weekend, readers!


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