Flower Girls & Ring Bearers: Accessories to Carry Down the Aisle

photo courtesy Going to the Chapel

That’s me in the above photo! A long time ago, I was the flower girl in my cousin’s wedding. As you can see, things didn’t go very well. In fact, I think it was a slight miracle that I even made it down the aisle considering the fact that I was very, very shy, and the teddy bear that I was  holding clutching definitely deserved the award for MVP. With all of this in mind, my flower girl mishap was not a precursor for my cousin’s marriage. In fact, she’s happily married with three great kids!

Even though my trip down the aisle didn’t go as planned, I love when couples include a flower girl and ring bearer in their wedding party. It allows the kids whom the couple is closest with to play a special part in their wedding day, while providing extra meaning and sometimes lightening the mood – aka: kids are fun and almost always make guests smile.

Although what your flower girl and ring bearer wear is important (attire is clearly a plus!), today it’s all about what these special members carry down the aisle individually or as a team.

Flower Girl:

photo courtesy Morgan Hill Designs

photo courtesy Pinterest & Style Me Pretty

photo courtesy Pinterest

photo courtesy Pinterest & Green Wedding Shoes

One of the most obvious accessories for any flower girl is a basket of flowers. Sometimes flower girls will toss petals down the aisle, while others (like my three year old self!) will simply have an arrangement inside. Pomanders are one of my favorite ideas because they are gorgeous, and the fact that most are accented with ribbon handles for easy carrying purposes is an obvious plus.  A small bouquet similar to the bride’s or bridesmaids’ provides unity, while a corsage looks pretty and allows this bridesmaid-in-training to have a worry free walk down the aisle because she can’t drop anything.

Ring Bearer:

photo courtesy Wise Impressions

Photo courtesy Southern Weddings

photo courtesy Romancing Juliet

Unlike the flower girl, the options for the ring bearer are a little more limited. However, this little guy has a serious purpose: carry the rings down the aisle. The ring bearer bowl is one of the newer ideas (although not shown, the option in the above photo can be customized with the Liberty Bell), and it can easily transition into an accessory for your home. Of course, pillows are still very much in style. Anything with a ribbon works well, in my opinion, because you can tie the rings to the pillow. If you’re worried about your ring bearer carrying such valuable items down the aisle, ask one of your groomsmen to carry the rings in his pocket.

Group Effort:

photo courtesy ReadyGo

photo courtesy Pinterest

photo courtesy Ritzy Rose

If you are planning to have your flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) walk down the aisle as a team (good idea: two is better than one for confidence), why not unite the two? A DIY or Etsy purchased “Here Comes The Bride” sign provides an added fun element to a casual outdoor ceremony, while a banner adds a hint of royal elegance to a more formal ceremony. Beyond signs and banners, flags are possibly my favorite idea because they’re not just for the ceremony. The flower girl and ring bearer can introduce the bride and her father during the ceremony; but, if you purchase other flags, this duo can also introduce other important moments (think cutting the cake, first dance, etc).

Are you having a flower girl or a ring bearer in your wedding? What is she or he carrying down the aisle? 


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