Wrap Your Wedding Bouquet: Inspiration & Favorite Options

So many of the wedding images that catch my eye are those of bouquets, and one specific aspect keeps catching my eye – bouquet wraps. Obtuse (as one of the readers I consulted mentioned)? Absolutely. But, it’s a detail nonetheless. Whether you purchase a bouquet for yourself in an effort to make an everyday seem more special or choose flowers to give to someone as a form of congratulations, those succulents are most often wrapped up in tissue paper in accenting colors. Because carrying a bouquet wrapped in tissue paper may not give off the right vibe (by all means do it, but I’m just saying…), your flowers will need to be kept as one unit in some way. You may not have thought about it yet, or maybe you have, but the way in which you choose to wrap your wedding bouquet offers another chance to add meaning and style to your overall wedding day look (and saves you from clutching those blooms for the day).

From weaving ribbon around the stems to including an heirloom (and more!), below are a couple of my favorite options:

photo via Style Me Pretty

photo via Southern Weddings

photo via Pinterest

Ribbon: Wrapping ribbon around your bouquet is definitely one of the most popular ways to dress your flowers, and it’s popular for a reason. Satin, seersucker, striped, long or short ends…there are so many options! Martha Stewart also has a how-to video where you can learn to weave your own bouquet wrap.

photo via Southern Weddings

photo via Ruffled

Lace: Lace adds such a romantic quality. I love how the lace used in the first photo falls away from the bouquet while the same fabric is used as an overlay in the second portraying a totally different look and feel.

photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

Monogram: Whether you choose to order a monogram bouquet wrap, embroider one onto a handkerchief, or use a lettered button, monograms add a classic touch to your wedding day floral arrangement.

photo via Pinterest

photo via Southern Weddings

Pearls: I love pearls because they are oh-so-feminine and a definite classic. The first photo represents a different idea – wrapping a strand around your bouquet. If you choose to do this, make sure the strand is secure. I happen to love the second photo because the pearls secure the ribbon and look like buttons at the same time – winner!

photo via Pinterest

photo via Style Me Pretty

Heirloom: Wrapping your bouquet in an heirloom is a simple, yet meaningful way to incorporate your “something old.” Popular items to keep in mind: a piece of your mother’s wedding gown or veil, a handkerchief from a grandparent, or a broach from your aunt or grandmother.

Make sure to consult with your florist about options for wrapping your bouquet. How are you planning to wrap your flowers? Are you going to use one of these options? Be sure to explain your plans in the comments! 


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