Going to the Chapel Heads to the South

As much as I love living in the North, where we experience varied seasons and have the ability to travel to neighboring NYC quickly, I love the South. To be more specific, I love Charleston and Kiawah Island. In my previous post, I mentioned that one way to ring in 2012 was to watch fireworks light up the night sky over the beach and ocean. Well, that’s exactly how I welcomed 2012.

I spent a week enjoying the beauty of Kiawah Island, a barrier island located 21 miles outside the charm of Charleston. My mornings were spent walking on the 10-mile stretch of beach scanning the ocean for dolphins, while my afternoons included long bike rides meandering along the island’s many bike trails. And then there were the sunsets – so beautiful every. single. time. Oh, and most of the days included temperatures in the 60s (in December and January!), which is downright balmy coming from Philly. Needless to say, my week spent with my family was wonderful. Kiawah never fails, and the pictures I snapped below help to show why.

If you’re searching for the perfect honeymoon spot that isn’t too far from Philadelphia, or if you’re looking for a fun place to go for a getaway weekend, consider going to Kiawah (more info here + accommodations info here). Activities ranging from biking and kayaking to golfing and tennis await, as well as ten miles of sandy shore. To help you plan your trip further, here is a link to help you learn more about Charleston (a horse and buggy ride through the city is one of the best ways to experience the town), and US Air continues to offer fairly inexpensive flight options.

I’m still a Northern girl, but my heart may belong to the South. Have no fear though, I’m still as dedicated as ever to helping you plan your Philly wedding. Stay tuned because another post is coming your way next week!

*all photos courtesy Going to the Chapel



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2 responses to “Going to the Chapel Heads to the South

  1. TERRIfic Words

    Very nice. I love traveling to “secret” locations. I’ve never heard of Kiawah. I just may have to go there one day.

  2. Thank you so much! I’m happy you liked the post. Kiawah is definitely a hidden gem that is also reasonably priced to visit. Thanks for reading!

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