New Year’s Eve Wedding Inspiration

How you choose to ring in the New Year tends to elicit a debate among couples, friends, family, and even yourself. Should you spend the night at one of the area’s trendy restaurants or bars awaiting the final moments until the countdown to 2012? What about going on vacation and heading to the resort’s beach access to watch fireworks light up the beach, ocean, and night sky? The option always exists to stay home and watch the ball drop on TV as the New Yorkers cheer and confetti falls in Times Square.

Here’s an option you may not necessarily think of first: host or attend a wedding.

Clearly people have been getting married for ages (otherwise what would I write about?); however, until recently I hadn’t given the idea of a holiday wedding too much thought. Would guests gladly attend or would they instead think about the fact that they had just (barely) made it through the holidays and would much prefer to relax at home or hang with close friends? I hope it would be the former.

Any negativity aside, I started to think that hosting a wedding or attending one could actually be a really fun way to ring in the New Year. I mean, a reception is already a party, and what better way to welcome a new year than to celebrate the union of a newly happily married couple. There’s emotion, energy, a DJ or band playing tunes new and old, and good food to fuel your fun throughout the night. Also, there’s not a debate to be had because your plans have already been made. Better yet? You will remember how you celebrated that New Year because truly, it’s brave (of the couple) and unique (for you).

Below are some of my favorite New Year’s Eve weddings and ideas from around the web. I’m definitely partial to a champagne, white, and black palette with pops of color. Enjoy!

Favorite flowers:

photo courtesy Pinterest & The Knot

photo courtesy Martha Stewart Weddings

Favorite place setting:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Favorite details:

photo courtesy Style Me Pretty

Favorite favor:

photo courtesy Pinterest

Favorite moments:

photo courtesy Pinterest

photo courtesy Pinterest

A short note of thanks: For those of you who read my posts regularly or for those who are just stopping by now, thank you for reading. Without you, this blog, which started out as a hobby, could never have become what it is – a site with over 11,000 views in just a year. Whatever your plans are, wedding or not, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy New Year!

Weigh in: Would you/did you host your wedding to coincide with New Year’s Eve? Would you happily attend a soiree on that night?


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