Photographer Spotlight: Love Me Do Photography

The best wedding blog inspiration moments are when I can’t stop smiling because I know I’ve found someone or something special. That’s exactly what happened when I came across today’s featured photographer.

My holiday gift to you: photography. We’re marking the return of my favorite series – the photographer and real wedding spotlight – which today focuses on both engagement and wedding photos!

From the font, colors, and silhouette that I first viewed upon entering Love Me Do Photography’s website, I knew I had found someone special. Then I scrolled down to the photos (oh, the photos!), and I couldn’t wait to see and learn more. What did I learn first? Carina, Amanda, and Nadine are the Philadelphia and New York City based photographing ladies behind the Love Me Do Photography…team!

Sharing info on behalf of the team, meet Carina, who graduated from the Tyler School of Art. She often works with her studio partner and fellow alum, Amanda, to photograph weddings in Philadelphia and the areas that surround. Carina started her career as an assistant at Littlewig Studio where she learned some of the ins and outs of wedding photography. She then segued into being a WPPI Hy Sheanin Scholarship recipient and all the while captured environmental and documentary style photographs in order to pay back her student loans while furthering her career.  Now, of course, Carina and her team focus on capturing the best moments of engagements and weddings.

Carina talks about why she loves living and working in Philadelphia, locations she loves to visit to take photos of couples, as well as her favorite types of moments to capture. A photography blog wouldn’t be complete without photos and a fun story thrown into the mix, too. Take a moment and learn more about Carina and Love Me Do Photography in today’s Q&A.

Going to the Chapel: Why do you enjoy photographing engagement sessions and weddings in the Philly area?

Carina: Philadelphia is where I grew up and continue to live.  I love all the hidden gems throughout the city, which is on its own bursting with art and character.  Philadelphia is also one of those big cities that can feel like a small town.  Everywhere I go, I run into people I know; friends, clients, business associates.
Photographically, Philadelphia has everything I could ask for: big abandoned buildings, historical cobblestone roads, parks and gardens, amazing murals, and some really great modern architecture as well.

GTTC: What are some of the most iconic places couples should plan to visit with their photographer for engagement or wedding photos?

C: I love the west Philadelphia Love Letter murals. But really, when I plan engagement photos with a couple, I like to have them pick out places that are significant to them as a couple.  It’s important to me to have their photographs reflect their personality and tell a story.

GTTC: Where do you feel are some Philly’s hidden gem locations for photos?

C: Again, the murals are definitely hidden gems.  Some are on rooftops are hard to get to, but you can see them all from the train.  Another really great place is the Magic Gardens.

GTTC: Can you describe a couple of photos that couples can’t miss taking during their sessions?

C: It’s great to have a bunch of nice photos of the couple looking at the camera smiling, but I love it when the pictures actually tell a story.  So if I were to recommend a type of photo, I’d want something where the couple is interacting with each other, doing something fun like sharing a bowl of ice cream, riding bikes together, walking their dog, etc; the scenarios are endless.

GTTC: Do you have a story about a couple whose photos you really enjoyed shooting in the Philly area? What were some of your favorite moments during their session?

C: Leigh and Aaron were one of our couples from last year.  They booked us for an engagement session and while brainstorming what we would do, we asked them what were some of the things they liked to do together.  They both looked at each other, shrugged, and said, “We like to drink beer?”  So we ended up going to their favorite bar and took photos of them sharing a beer sampler.  It was really great to photograph them doing something they enjoy doing, as simple as it may be, and get great pictures out of it.  We also took photos of them hanging out in their home, on their roof and around their neighborhood.  Overall I thought it was a great session because every part of every photo told a story about the couple and turned every day things into works of art.

There’s more information waiting for you throughout Love Me Do Photography’s website, as well as more photos (!!) in Carina and Amanda’s profile, as well as Nadine’s profile. The team also details the experience you can have if you choose to hire Love Me Do Photography to capture your day. Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter play parts in their business too, so don’t forget to comment, like, and follow. Of course, you can also send a note

Have you worked with the ladies of Love Me Do Photography? What about the experience did you love? What are some of your favorite photos? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! 

*all photos courtesy Love Me Do Photography


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