Wedding Hairstyle: For the Love of Flowers

photo courtesy

Maybe it’s the warm weather we’ve been experiencing (replace with: loving every minute of) in Philly or maybe it’s because I have a not-so-secret desire to go to Hawaii just to have a flower in my hair, but I’ve been thinking a lot about bridal hairstyles. And by “styles” I mean “style:” flowers.

From fascinators adorned with flowers (the Princess Beatrice look from the royal wedding aside, everyone!) and flowers combined with feathers to organza creations and fresh flowers, there are definitely a lot of options to consider. In an effort to offer some inspiration for your flower hairpiece search, below are some of my favorites from Etsy, Ban.Do, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

photo courtesy Anna Panik

While searching for flower options, this piece ($70) from Anna Panik was one of the first I came across. I love how timeless it feels.

photo courtesy Clark and Diversey

When organza, feathers, and rhinestones combine, we get this floral option ($85) from Clark and Diversey. The feathers create a touch of whimsy.

photo courtesy So Bridelicious

Rather than pinning this option ($110) by So Bridelicious to your hair, you can simply add it on – it’s a headband!

photo courtesy (such a great find!) creates this flower, which they call the Bridal Rose Halo ($130). Although I love how it looks on the side of the model’s head, another idea is to spin the flower so that it sits more toward the back of your head.

photo courtesy Martha Stewart Weddings

The most natural and inexpensive option is to adorn your hair with one flower, like this photo, or a couple flowers, like the top photo. This article from Martha Stewart Weddings offers some great inspiration and ideas.

If you aren’t feeling like you want to go all out floral for your entire day, maybe consider wearing a more traditional veil or birdcage veil to your ceremony and switching to a flower or flowers for your reception. No need to change your dress for a new look, just grab a flower and change your hair.


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  1. Wauv – I just loooooove flowers in the hair,- and when it look like this, its not even looking like a hippie 😉

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