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I love fonts. And color. And design. And seeing a couple’s wedding theme start to come to life. Basically, I love save-the-dates and invitations because it’s the first glimpse your guests see of your wedding’s theme and the style of all of the printed elements you will incorporate. As a result, welcome to a new series: invitations & all things printed.

In honor of the fall, the series begins with fall-themed invitations (rich and vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, and browns…yes, please!).

Meet Philadelphia-based graphic designer Erin Hazley. Erin honed her design skills while working at an advertising agency; however, when she was designing her own wedding invitations in 2009, she realized she needed to swing her career in a different direction. As a result, Erin started her own graphic design company, Erinspired Creative, where she now designs invitations (and a whole host of other things!) for weddings based in Philadelphia and beyond.

Because she is a graphic designer, Erin is able to completely customize a couple’s design, which may include anything from traditional letterpress invitations with calligraphy swirls to a bold music theme complete with concert-style posters (oh my, the pictures!). Below, Erin talks about the experience couples will have while working with Erinspired Creative, the aspects she likes to consider when designing for a seasonal themed wedding, as well as her favorite invitations to create all year round.

Going to the Chapel: What is the process couples will experience when having their invitations designed by Erinspired Creative?

Erin Hazley: The first thing I like couples to do is come in for a consultation and look at my portfolio. They can see the invites up close and we can decipher which direction they would like to head in. For out of state couples, we can do a similar consultation on the phone and computer. After getting a sense of what they are looking for and listening to their ideas, I create an price estimate for the package. Once accepted we are off and running! I create 3 unique designs for the couple to choose from. All my couples see a sample before it goes to the printer.

GTTC: When helping couples to create fall inspired wedding invitations, what are some aspects that you like to consider?

EH: I like to know their venue and style. If you are planning an elegant black-tie affair then those hand-written looking invitations wouldn’t be appropriate. And if you are having your closest friends over for a backyard bash then the traditional calligraphy invitations will be confusing to your guests. Seasons provide a great resource for inspiration but should be tailored to the feel of your wedding. More importantly, I consider their own personalities and interests to determine the feel of the invitation.

Fall inspired invitation

Fall inspired invitation

Fall inspired invitation

GTTC: What are some of your favorite invitations that you have created that will work well in any season?

EH: I think when couples come up with an idea that describes them as a couple it transcends the seasons. I had one couple that was into music and we structured their whole package around that. We did a concert poster for their save the date and a cd catalog for their invite.

Also, I think using monograms or big bold type as design can lend itself to any season. Same goes for patterns, stripes and abstract floral patterns. I like pairing them together and I think they work well together. No matter what the design direction, I always like for each piece to have something special that stands out.

Jeanette & Kyle's music inspired invitation suite

GTTC: Aside from invitations, what other items can couples have designed by Erinspired Creative?

EH: I design it all! • save-the-dates • envelope printing (those hands really get cramped!) • ceremony programs • place cards • menus • favor tags • directional signs • thank you cards

Fall inspired escort cards

Fall inspired table marker

"Spread the love" favor tag

From the complete fall feel of the first invitation to the subtle leaf shaped heart of the second, I love all of the details included in Erin’s fall themed designs.  And let’s not forget about Jeanette and Kyle’s music themed invitations. As the Scrabble letters spell, LOVE.

For more information about Erinspired Creative, including pricing, or to have Erin design your invitation suite and more, visit her website or e-mail her at design{at}

What would you incorporate into fall themed invitations? Which design is your favorite? Also, if you know of a Philly or NJ designer who you would like to see as part of the new invitation series (or if you are one!) be sure to mention him/her in the comments!

*all photos courtesy Erin Hazley & Erinspired Creative


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