Adventures in DIY: Stocking Pumpkin Design

Stocking Pumpkin via Greeneyed Monster

Happy Halloween, Philly readers! While watching the Today Show this morning (the hosts decided to relive the Royal Wedding!), I happened to catch a segment about creative pumpkin designs that don’t involve carving. I really liked so many of the ideas, which were presented by Southern Living Magazine; however, because it’s so easy and effortlessly chic, the stocking pumpkin is my favorite. Pick a pumpkin (even white works well!) and grab a pair of patterned stockings or tights, ribbon, and scissors – the directions are below.

Stocking Pumpkin Steps:

* You can also choose to paint your pumpkin’s stem black. If you want to paint it, make sure to paint the stem first and let it dry before continuing. 

  1. Cut one of the feet off of your stockings (if your pumpkin is larger be sure to cut off more than you need.)
  2. Starting at the bottom of your pumpkin, pull the toe-stocking portion up and over.
  3. Tie the ends of the stocking together around the pumpkin’s stem with ribbon.

Stocking Pumpkin via Pinterest

By grouping several stocking covered pumpkins together with candles and flowers, you can create DIY fall-themed centerpieces to use throughout your wedding’s tables. With the awesome fall colors on display in the Philadelphia area, pumpkins make a great addition to your décor right up to Thanksgiving.

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