Journal or Blog to the Alter: 5 Reasons Why Brides Should Start Writing

"Wooden Wedding Notebook" by Quotes and Notes

Your wedding: it’s one of those days when you really, really want to remember all of the details. However, what about all of the hours you pour into searching for photos that inspire you and that night that when you and your bridesmaids just couldn’t stop laughing?

Most every detail – those moments when you are so heading in the direction of bridezilla, included – you will want to look back on at some point. Unfortunately, you just can’t plan a wedding, run your life, and remember everything you thought was unforgettable at the time, too. Brides, meet journaling and blogging!

Pick your favorite color, find a fun pattern, and grab a pen. Below are my top five reasons why you should start writing a journal or start a blog even if you have never kept one before.

  1. You will want to remember: Even though you may think you will remember exactly what made you laugh hysterically or the precise order of events during your engagement session with your photographer, you probably won’t (unfortunately). You’ll remember the times with the most detail, but you won’t want to forget the how or the why either. Sometimes the small details are the ones that pull together the best moments in the larger picture.
  2. It mattered then: Having a bridezilla type of day are you? It happens and in that moment that detail really matters. We all have bad days and everyone says or does things that they wish they could take back – if only it was possible. Even if you’re frustrated, annoyed, or just plain mad – write it down if for no other reason than to try to never say or do that thing again. Sometimes it helps to just see it on paper.
  3. Short, sweet, and to-the-point (or not): What you write doesn’t have to be long or maybe it does. Sometimes a sentence is all it takes. However, there are also those days that are so awesome for so many reasons that you can’t even begin to explain why. Rambling will explain it better than wondering down the line what happened on that day that made you smile.
  4. Photos, e-mails, and notes: Facebook and blogs are not for writing alone, and sometimes a picture just says it better. Add your favorite photos along with e-mails and notes to the pages of your journal or post them on your blog.
  5. Making Lists: You’re planning a wedding with a ton of details. Even if you’ve never been one to make lists before, you may just become best friends with the practice. A book with a ton of paper will encourage you to make list after list so you can try not to forget the flowers you decided on at noon yesterday.

Feeling inspired to journal or blog to the alter? I hope so. And don’t forget about guest posts. They are also a fun way to get another person’s perspective on everything that is happening, including your groom’s! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a couple photos of some of my favorite journals (like the one pictured above) as well as blogging sites to look into.  And remember…

"Keep Calm and Write On" by Keep Calm Shop


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