A Typewriter Infused Wedding (Part Two)

After Saturday’s engagement story, part two has arrived! Because Amanda’s engagement is so unique (scroll and a graphic!), I love the idea of continuing the meaningful typewriter trend into other aspects of her wedding. If you happen to have a typewriter like Amanda (call yourself lucky, first), or if you’re wondering how to incorporate some aspects of one into your day, read on for a couple of my favorite typewriter inspired ideas.

Vintage Typewriter Inspired Invitation by Erinspired Creative

Vintage Typewriter Inspired Invitations by Erinspired Creative

"Vintage Shabby Chic Custom Wedding Program" by Papel Lindo Design

"Table Number Sign (Typewriter)" by Interprintations

"Vintage Typewriter Kraft Bags" by LostBridgeDesigns

1.)  All things printed: From invitations and ceremony programs to table markers and candy bags, these items bring the typewriter font to life. If you are based near Philly, like Going to the Chapel and Amanda and Chris, be sure to check out Erinspired Creative (Erin’s invitations are pictured above!) and Two Paperdolls. According to Nicole from Two Paperdolls, there are a couple of specific fonts that they can use for the typewriter look.

"Personalized Jewelry Ring - Typewriter Font" by Punky Bunny Designs

"Typewriter Key Cufflinks" by Haute Keys

2.)  The little details: Sometimes it’s all in the little details. The rings make a sweet small token for your bridesmaids, while the cufflinks can be a unique personalized item for your new husband’s groomsmen.

photo courtesy Mac.RJ

3.)  The guest book: With a typewriter and paper, your guests can write personalized messages to you both. Messages sometimes seem more heartfelt when they have an organic feel, and typewriters won’t allow guests to erase or use exclamation points. After your reception, you can place all of the messages into an album to save and read throughout the years. If you have a relative or family friend who has a typewriter, this would be a great way to carry over “something borrowed” into your reception. If not, try EtsyEbay, or an office supply store, and paper is available online or at your local stationary store. This happens to be my favorite way for your typewriter to shine at your wedding.

Obviously, you may not want to go overboard with your typewriter wedding love. However, by using one or a few of these ideas, your wedding (and Amanda and Chris’s!) is sure to have a lot of meaning, mixed with some fun, and a whole lot of vintage flare.


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  1. I like those vintage typewriters, but I always wonder! is it easy to find carbons?

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