Amanda & Chris: A Typewriter Infused Engagement (Part One)

I love when an engagement has that one element that can be woven throughout an entire wedding. It’s something small, yet oh-so-meaningful to a couple. Because it’s meaningful, not to mention really creative, guests just can’t help but love that element too. Well, today I have an engagement story that has one of those elements.

Meet New Jersey based couple Amanda Sandlin and Chris Schoonover. The couple met through a mutual friend, who Amanda knew from working at a greenhouse close to her college’s campus. After dating for 10 months and celebrating a graduation and first jobs, Chris proposed to Amanda with the help of a typewriter, scroll, and graphic. Amanda puts everything into context below as she shares her pretty sweet engagement story.

It was July 4, and Chris was helping me move into my apartment in Jersey City. We unpacked all my boxes, shelves, and futon, and there was a mysterious box that he carried in last. He told me it was a “house-warming gift.” I didn’t really question it, but I somewhat expected a typewriter. I’d been wanting one for a long time.

After getting my room set up, we noticed that I had access to a fire escape leading up to the roof. He suggested that we climb up and watch the sun set. After I hopped out of the window and started to climb the ladder, I noticed he grabbed the mysterious box. After we got up to the roof, we noticed an old chimney that had been filled. He told me to sit down, and he placed the box in front of me and told me to open it.

As I lifted the cover, there it was — a glorious, vintage Royal typewriter, with a note typed in the scroll:

“Amanda, will you marry me? Oh, by the way, this is Chris. So… yeah.” He also drew a little graphic, I’m guessing in case I froze in shock, of a hand, a ring, and then a hand with the ring on the ring finger.

I turned around, and he was there on his knee, the ring in hand. He repeated, “Will you marry me, Amanda?”

Speechless, a little scared, and so thrilled, I said “Well yeah, DUH!!!!!!!!!!”

At the mention of a typewriter, I already loved this proposal. However, after hearing everything else, I am completely sold. How can Amanda and Chris weave Amanda’s typewriter throughout their wedding? Well, you’ll just have come back next week. Part two will be up on Monday!

*all photos courtesy Amanda Sandlin


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