Jamin & Valerie’s Flashmob Proposal

I’m a fan of flashmobs involving dancing or singing. It doesn’t matter how many I stumble upon online or hear about while watching the news – I’m sold every. single. time. Throw in a proposal, and I am bound to fall even more excitedly in love.

Meet Jamin Love (clearly, this guy’s name already has him set to get married) and Valerie Albania. After dating for almost six years, Jamin decided to propose to Valerie by dancing with friends in a flashmob at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney – the ante has just been upped, readers – to  “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. For the first part of the dance, Jamin is watching alongside Valerie until he decides to join in. As the lyrics build to the perfect moment – ”Just say I do”- Jamin moves away from the other dancers and…watch the video, you’ll see.

Oh, how I wish I could have been one of the lucky people who were able to see this proposal dance in action. Congrats, Jamin and Valerie. Happy wedding planning!

P.S: A proposal flash mob should happen in Philadelphia. 30th Street Station? Rittenhouse Square? At a Phillies, Eagles, or Flyers game? Someone start planning. Then let me known when and where it’s happening.



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4 responses to “Jamin & Valerie’s Flashmob Proposal

  1. This was simply amazing! The softie in me couldn’t hold back the tears. I loved it! I may be a journalist at heart, but I still swoon for any type of musical performance. Throw a proposal in there and I’m hooked!

  2. That was probably one of my FAVS!! Loved the concept of using the Flash Mob and then leading up to the proposal, just awesome!! Had to post it on my Fan Page “My Cinderella’s Dream”!! It even made me cry (happy tears) lol

  3. Hi Terri and Mari! I am with you both. I’m not always a fan of proposals done with an audience (ie: jumbo tron at a game), but when one is creative I LOVE it. This proposal is definitely a favorite. Mari, thanks for adding the post to your Fan Page! I hope you both come back again.

  4. Jeanette

    Love, love, love this video!!! A flash mob proposal in one of my favorite places – what could be better?!!

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