Showers & Receptions: Meet Decor by BHLDN

During the winter, I first heard about the launch of BHLDN (pronounced: beholden)– the new wedding line that just happens to be related to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. When it first began, BHLDN strictly designed a bride’s most important outfit – her wedding gown.

Now, BHLDN has broadened its horizons into décor, and well, I’m obsessed. And it’s not just because Philadelphia is home to the brand and Going to the Chapel, although that may help. It’s more that there are so many fun and gorgeous designs that have quirky personalities all their own for you to incorporate into your wedding day, shower, or both.

If you are already a fan of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, just brace yourself. Below are some of my favorite items – some of which are from BHLDN’s new autumn line.

Chalkboard Vase

Blind Embossing Frames - perfect to use with this idea.

Dimpled Pane Candle Baskets

Painted Lumiere Votives, Petit

Crinkled Wheel Set

Mini Pennant Garland - Feeling musical?

Glittered Notion Banner

Combined with other BHLDN decor items, your wedding can look like this…

Slate Garden Theme

…or this…

Paper Moon Theme

or this (or many other looks).

Graphic Theme - love this one!

Are you head over heals yet? Be sure to check out the entire décor collection at


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