Product Spotlight: Better Off Wed

I have fallen in love (again) with Etsy. This is the website that just keeps giving. And I love it. Today’s post is all about Better Off Wed and the completely original, vintage inspired, let’s-go-to-a-rustic-wedding style wooden cake toppers created by Tina.

At first glance, you may initially think that these toppers are only appropriate for an outdoor wedding with a relaxed flair. However, because the fonts and shapes are slightly altered for each design, each cake topper can easily translate into a wedding of any style. Take the Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Topper – hello modern style wedding! What about the Timeless Heart Cake Topper, you ask? It could translate well into a more elegant affair with a sweet touch. Obviously the Vintage Heart Cake Topper is perfect for a…vintage affair.

After looking at the photos, I’m hopeful you will be in love with them too. And feel free to be in love because each topper is $49 and is created from mahogany wood and topped off (pun intended) with a matte finish.

For more information about Tina and her Better Off Wed designs, check out her Etsy page. These wooden cake toppers have heart.

*all photos courtesy Tina & Better Off Wed


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