Lantern Love

Photo courtesy BitBoy

In a previous post, I mentioned that lanterns are a great way to infuse color and light into an otherwise blank canvas at your reception. Well, color or not, I just love them. As a result, lanterns are getting their own post, and these beauties have more than one purpose.

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

As I suggested before, you can easily hang lanterns from the ceiling (if your location will allow it, of course). It creates a reason to look up, not to mention adding the perfect amount of ambiance to the room.

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

Although you might normally think to only hang lanterns at night, they also look beautiful during the day with the sun shining on them. Hello, garden party wedding!

Photo courtesy Style Me Pretty

During Christmastime, I often see houses line their driveways with lantern bags and each time I marvel at their beauty. I love how this couple took that idea away from the holidays and spelled out their names in light – gorgeous and simple!

Photo courtesy Luster Studios

Photo courtesy The Knot

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

By placing single or multiple candles inside of glass lanterns you can also line your aisle, add to centerpieces, or mark your tables (this idea may be one of my favorites).

Barn, tent, or indoors; daytime or evening; hanging from the ceiling, decorating your tables, or lining your aisle – lanterns easily add something unique and special to your wedding.

Check out Luna Bazaar, a company Martha Stewart confessed to loving, for different affordable lantern options.


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