Product Spotlight: Crosswire Design

After a couple of months, I have rediscovered Etsy, and I am so excited about my latest finds. If you are having trouble determining how to display your named table markers, or if you are looking for an untraditional cake topper, I may be able to help.

Introducing Crosswire Design and Keona Danyell, the designer behind all of the pieces.  Like everything featured on Etsy, all of the wire pieces from Crosswire Design are handmade by Keona. I love the look of these pieces because when molded, each wire creation portrays a clear, creative design while also keeping some of its organic, untamed nature.

Below are some of my favorite cake toppers and place card holders from Crosswire Design. The featured cake toppers range in price from $20-$25, and the place card holders vary in price depending on the size and quantity ordered. All can also be ordered in white, gold, or black wire, as well as the silver pictured.

The best part about all of the pieces is that you can continue to enjoy them long after your wedding has ended. Your cake topper can now sit atop your mantle, and Grandpa Joe can display the photo that marked his table in his place card holder at home. Pretty items with a dual purpose; your dual problem may be solved.

To view more of Keona’s designs or to order, be sure to checkout Crosswire Design’s Etsy page.

* all photos courtesy Keona Danyell & Crosswire Design


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