Black & White Attire: Infuse color with fabric, lanterns, & flowers

One of the most interesting aspects of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries, which occurred today, is that Kardashian requested that guests choose between white or black for their wedding day attire. Although this seems like an odd request (to be honest, I’ve never heard of a bride and groom suggesting it), it does bring up an interesting question – can color solely paint the canvas of a wedding? If you are thinking about making a Kardashian-esque attire request to your guests, below are a couple of my favorite ways to infuse color.

photo courtesy Eugene

Fabric: Draped fabric is a surefire way to incorporate color into a wedding because it makes such a statement. It’s likely to be one of the first aspects a guest sees upon entering your reception space. It’s also likely to create a more romantic feel, especially when paired with soft lighting.

Photo courtesy Off Beat Bride

Lanterns: Simply put, they’re pretty, really pretty. Paper lanterns, like those sold by Luna Bazaar, add a simple and cost effective, yet dramatic pop of color to a reception space. I love how the lanterns stand out so distinctly at an evening reception, but they can also be incorporated into a similar event held during the day. One word: seamless.

Photo courtesy Blonde + Blue

Flowers: Possibly the most obvious way to incorporate color is to have statement-making flowers, particularly centerpieces.  The reason for this is obvious: flowers are at a wedding’s core. I happen to like the centerpiece pictured because the peonies are dramatic and formal enough to make a statement, while also working well when paired with a lantern-filled ceiling.

The one thing to remember is that these ideas can be incorporated into your wedding whether color is present in guests’ attire or not. However, would you ever instruct your guests to wear black and white attire, like Kardashian, and allow various elements to fill your wedding with color?


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