Philadelphia Wedding Photo Ops: Rittenhouse Square & Love Park

My trips to Philadelphia occur most often during the winter when the temperatures hover around freezing, and the only walking I care to do is from my heated parked car to the warm comfort of my destination. However, today I found myself walking through Philadelphia during a balmy August afternoon in the summer. What a change!

As I wandered throughout the city, I was on the lookout for weddings because I once saw a bride and groom posing for wedding portraits accompanied by their wedding party in Rittenhouse Square. During the summer with its lush green grass, flowing fountains, and vibrant flowers, it really is one of the most picturesque locations in Philadelphia.

Ironically, my final stop during today’s adventure was to the famed LOVE sculpture, situated across the street from Philadelphia’s City Hall in Love Park. Not only does its sentiment hold obvious value, but the sculpture also offers a vibrant pop of color – perfect for any portrait.  I was, of course, excited to watch a bride and groom, along with their very large wedding party, assemble in Love Park just as I was walking away.

If you are on the hunt for beautiful and fun photo spots in Philly, be sure the check out Rittenhouse Square and the LOVE sculpture in Love Park. With the uniqueness of each location, especially during the summer, both are sure to add something special to your photos.

*all photos taken by Going to the Chapel


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