Letters: The new (and cool!) way to mark your tables

So many people have a love/hate relationship with Table One. It’s that table you know is reserved for close family and friends, yet you still find yourself wishing that your seating assignment could lead you there.  And then there is that moment when you find yourself seated at a higher numbered table. Does that make you less important to the hosts? Probably not. Yet, why do tables have to be numbered in the first place? As a result, I think that letters and names are about to take first place in the race to be the best table marker.

Although closely related to numbers, letters and names seem totally different and much more original than the traditional number route. Wouldn’t it be more fun to determine that you are sitting at Table W or the Grandpa Joe table rather than Table Eight? My answer is a resounding yes. Not only are letters and names more original, but they are also much more creative and can hold so much more meaning – we do form what we want to say and write from stringing letters together to form words. As a result of my love for this new trend, below are a couple ways to incorporate letters and names into your tables.

  • Spell out your name(s): If your wedding is particularly large, or both of your names happen to be short, spell out your last names to honor both families. If you would prefer to stick to one name, use letters from your new last name. You could always choose to use your first names instead.
  • Honor your wedding party: Name your tables after the members of your wedding party or use the first letter of everyone’s name.
  • Honor friends/family: For most couples, the important people filling their lives stretches far beyond those included in the wedding party. Therefore, name a table or mark it with an initial for your grandfather or an influential family friend.
  • Important locations: Mark a table with the first letter of the name of the place where you met; had your first date; went on your favorite vacation; or where he proposed. You can always spell out these locations too.
  • Hobbies: If you both spend Sundays and Mondays watching football, or you both have particular hobbies that you love, incorporate them. This idea would probably work better with a first initial because it might not be best to seat guests at the Eagles or kayaking table.

Avoid allowing your guests to question the relationship they share with you compared to the number that marks their table, and try using letters or names instead. The life that you share together will stand out further, and those who are meaningful to both of you will be able to share in the spotlight. Not to mention the fact that if you are sitting at the Grandpa Joe table, and he’s in attendance, you obviously have to meet the man himself. Hello, conversation starter!


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