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Lantern Love

Photo courtesy BitBoy

In a previous post, I mentioned that lanterns are a great way to infuse color and light into an otherwise blank canvas at your reception. Well, color or not, I just love them. As a result, lanterns are getting their own post, and these beauties have more than one purpose.

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

As I suggested before, you can easily hang lanterns from the ceiling (if your location will allow it, of course). It creates a reason to look up, not to mention adding the perfect amount of ambiance to the room.

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

Although you might normally think to only hang lanterns at night, they also look beautiful during the day with the sun shining on them. Hello, garden party wedding!

Photo courtesy Style Me Pretty

During Christmastime, I often see houses line their driveways with lantern bags and each time I marvel at their beauty. I love how this couple took that idea away from the holidays and spelled out their names in light – gorgeous and simple!

Photo courtesy Luster Studios

Photo courtesy The Knot

Photo courtesy Luna Bazaar

By placing single or multiple candles inside of glass lanterns you can also line your aisle, add to centerpieces, or mark your tables (this idea may be one of my favorites).

Barn, tent, or indoors; daytime or evening; hanging from the ceiling, decorating your tables, or lining your aisle – lanterns easily add something unique and special to your wedding.

Check out Luna Bazaar, a company Martha Stewart confessed to loving, for different affordable lantern options.


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Product Spotlight: Crosswire Design

After a couple of months, I have rediscovered Etsy, and I am so excited about my latest finds. If you are having trouble determining how to display your named table markers, or if you are looking for an untraditional cake topper, I may be able to help.

Introducing Crosswire Design and Keona Danyell, the designer behind all of the pieces.  Like everything featured on Etsy, all of the wire pieces from Crosswire Design are handmade by Keona. I love the look of these pieces because when molded, each wire creation portrays a clear, creative design while also keeping some of its organic, untamed nature.

Below are some of my favorite cake toppers and place card holders from Crosswire Design. The featured cake toppers range in price from $20-$25, and the place card holders vary in price depending on the size and quantity ordered. All can also be ordered in white, gold, or black wire, as well as the silver pictured.

The best part about all of the pieces is that you can continue to enjoy them long after your wedding has ended. Your cake topper can now sit atop your mantle, and Grandpa Joe can display the photo that marked his table in his place card holder at home. Pretty items with a dual purpose; your dual problem may be solved.

To view more of Keona’s designs or to order, be sure to checkout Crosswire Design’s Etsy page.

* all photos courtesy Keona Danyell & Crosswire Design

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Black & White Attire: Infuse color with fabric, lanterns, & flowers

One of the most interesting aspects of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries, which occurred today, is that Kardashian requested that guests choose between white or black for their wedding day attire. Although this seems like an odd request (to be honest, I’ve never heard of a bride and groom suggesting it), it does bring up an interesting question – can color solely paint the canvas of a wedding? If you are thinking about making a Kardashian-esque attire request to your guests, below are a couple of my favorite ways to infuse color.

photo courtesy Eugene

Fabric: Draped fabric is a surefire way to incorporate color into a wedding because it makes such a statement. It’s likely to be one of the first aspects a guest sees upon entering your reception space. It’s also likely to create a more romantic feel, especially when paired with soft lighting.

Photo courtesy Off Beat Bride

Lanterns: Simply put, they’re pretty, really pretty. Paper lanterns, like those sold by Luna Bazaar, add a simple and cost effective, yet dramatic pop of color to a reception space. I love how the lanterns stand out so distinctly at an evening reception, but they can also be incorporated into a similar event held during the day. One word: seamless.

Photo courtesy Blonde + Blue

Flowers: Possibly the most obvious way to incorporate color is to have statement-making flowers, particularly centerpieces.  The reason for this is obvious: flowers are at a wedding’s core. I happen to like the centerpiece pictured because the peonies are dramatic and formal enough to make a statement, while also working well when paired with a lantern-filled ceiling.

The one thing to remember is that these ideas can be incorporated into your wedding whether color is present in guests’ attire or not. However, would you ever instruct your guests to wear black and white attire, like Kardashian, and allow various elements to fill your wedding with color?

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Philadelphia Wedding Photo Ops: Rittenhouse Square & Love Park

My trips to Philadelphia occur most often during the winter when the temperatures hover around freezing, and the only walking I care to do is from my heated parked car to the warm comfort of my destination. However, today I found myself walking through Philadelphia during a balmy August afternoon in the summer. What a change!

As I wandered throughout the city, I was on the lookout for weddings because I once saw a bride and groom posing for wedding portraits accompanied by their wedding party in Rittenhouse Square. During the summer with its lush green grass, flowing fountains, and vibrant flowers, it really is one of the most picturesque locations in Philadelphia.

Ironically, my final stop during today’s adventure was to the famed LOVE sculpture, situated across the street from Philadelphia’s City Hall in Love Park. Not only does its sentiment hold obvious value, but the sculpture also offers a vibrant pop of color – perfect for any portrait.  I was, of course, excited to watch a bride and groom, along with their very large wedding party, assemble in Love Park just as I was walking away.

If you are on the hunt for beautiful and fun photo spots in Philly, be sure the check out Rittenhouse Square and the LOVE sculpture in Love Park. With the uniqueness of each location, especially during the summer, both are sure to add something special to your photos.

*all photos taken by Going to the Chapel

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Letters: The new (and cool!) way to mark your tables

So many people have a love/hate relationship with Table One. It’s that table you know is reserved for close family and friends, yet you still find yourself wishing that your seating assignment could lead you there.  And then there is that moment when you find yourself seated at a higher numbered table. Does that make you less important to the hosts? Probably not. Yet, why do tables have to be numbered in the first place? As a result, I think that letters and names are about to take first place in the race to be the best table marker.

Although closely related to numbers, letters and names seem totally different and much more original than the traditional number route. Wouldn’t it be more fun to determine that you are sitting at Table W or the Grandpa Joe table rather than Table Eight? My answer is a resounding yes. Not only are letters and names more original, but they are also much more creative and can hold so much more meaning – we do form what we want to say and write from stringing letters together to form words. As a result of my love for this new trend, below are a couple ways to incorporate letters and names into your tables.

  • Spell out your name(s): If your wedding is particularly large, or both of your names happen to be short, spell out your last names to honor both families. If you would prefer to stick to one name, use letters from your new last name. You could always choose to use your first names instead.
  • Honor your wedding party: Name your tables after the members of your wedding party or use the first letter of everyone’s name.
  • Honor friends/family: For most couples, the important people filling their lives stretches far beyond those included in the wedding party. Therefore, name a table or mark it with an initial for your grandfather or an influential family friend.
  • Important locations: Mark a table with the first letter of the name of the place where you met; had your first date; went on your favorite vacation; or where he proposed. You can always spell out these locations too.
  • Hobbies: If you both spend Sundays and Mondays watching football, or you both have particular hobbies that you love, incorporate them. This idea would probably work better with a first initial because it might not be best to seat guests at the Eagles or kayaking table.

Avoid allowing your guests to question the relationship they share with you compared to the number that marks their table, and try using letters or names instead. The life that you share together will stand out further, and those who are meaningful to both of you will be able to share in the spotlight. Not to mention the fact that if you are sitting at the Grandpa Joe table, and he’s in attendance, you obviously have to meet the man himself. Hello, conversation starter!

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