Location, Location, Location

Nick & Chien's wedding; Bath, England; photo courtesy Andrea Hartley

Aside from the invitations that are designed, created, and mailed to guests and obviously you and your fiancé, the location you choose to play host for your wedding says equally as much as the other elements of your day. The problem is how to find the best venue option to match the feel of your upcoming wedding.

If you are searching for an elegant and ornate feel, you may be initially drawn to a private country club or hotel. On the other hand, if you are looking for your wedding to have a more down-to-earth feel, you may have your reception under the stars in your backyard. Although these options are perfectly fine, what happens when you do not allow your wedding venue to have such a literal take on your personality and style? You have just chosen a unique and surprising option.

Upon first glance, I thought the wedding featured in the above photo was held in a castle. However, after inquiring further, I learned that it was held in a barn in England – the home of all things royal. By highlighting the exposed brick and incorporating more lush décor options, this wedding represented relaxed elegance in a surprising place. Most importantly, it accomplished what may be your number one goal – it was enchanting.

Like the wedding featured in the photo, one of my favorite locations to play host for a wedding is a farm, tent, or some other type of open space. This type of location can be designed to reflect a reception that is down-to-earth and homey, yet with the correct décor and timing, it can be turned into a much more elegant affair a la Nick and Chien’s wedding.  For example, a wedding held during the day when guests are able to enjoy the grounds and setting of the location may reflect the former. However, by altering the timing of your wedding to the evening, stringing small lights throughout the space giving the illusion of stars, and incorporating bolder centerpieces that make a statement, you have just created a more elegant affair.

Think outside of the box for your location, surprise your guests and maybe even yourself, and create an enchanting wedding.


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