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Matt & Ginny: A Proposal Made for the Movies

A proposal marks the beginning of a couple’s wedding planning, and this fun video seemed perfect to post after my long blogging break.

Thanks to Matt and Ginny, we now have the latest viral wedding video. In my opinion, the popularity it has quickly achieved (over 11 million views in 6 days!) is well deserved.

The couple said they were going to “make the movies jealous” through their relationship, and Matt wove the theme so creatively into his proposal to Ginny. Even though the video was over 6 minutes long, which seemed slightly lengthy, the time spent watching it was well worth it. Ginny’s reaction to seeing Matt talking to her dad was so sweet; Matt speeding to the theater then stopping for popcorn provided a glimpse of his personality; Oh, and she said YES!

What do you think? Does this proposal live up to its title as “the best marriage proposal EVER?”


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