Favorite Moments From The Royal Wedding (so far)

The moment the world has been patiently awaiting has finally happened. Prince William has married Kate Middleton, and what a ceremony it was. As the celebration continues in London, below are my top five favorite moments (so far).

  • Of course one of the greatest moments of the entire wedding was finally witnessing, although not in person, Kate Middleton’s dress. She looked stunning. CBS News reported that Kate Middleton helped design her dress, which prior to being revealed had been rumored to be a possible take on what Princess Diana famously wore. However, she clearly made her dress represent her own style. It was finally revealed that Sarah Burton designed Kate’s beautiful wedding gown with its lace overlay for Alexander McQueen’s collection.  The gown she wore during the ceremony is one of three she will wear throughout the day.
  • As Kate and her father began their decent down Westminster Abbey’s aisle, cameras panned to Prince Harry as he happened to turn his head to catch a glimpse of the new princess. As he turned his head to again face the alter, he looked over at Prince William and smiled. Surprisingly, Prince William did not turn around to watch his bride walk down the aisle.
  • As the ceremony began, Kate and her father really seemed to hold hands very tightly. That small moment was my favorite of everything that happened – so sweet.
  • As Prince William slid Kate Middleton’s wedding band onto her finger, it really was not much of a “slide.” The ring seemed to catch on Kate’s finger, and surely the entire world gasped. Thankfully, Kate’s ring is safely on her finger. That would have been so bad had her ring not fit properly!
  • Obviously, watching Prince William and Kate proceeding down the aisle and out of Westminster Abbey to meet their waiting carriage was another favorite moment. That and watching the newly married couple ride through London on their way to Buckingham Palace as the crowd seemed to roar. It should also be noted that Prince Harry rode with the bridesmaids (flower girls in the US) and page boys. Awesome? I think yes.

Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Catherine. Your ceremony, though very formal, was beautiful. I sincerely hope you both enjoy your day as much as the world has enjoyed watching every moment unfold.

Now we wait for the kiss and more from the palace parties. Let the royal wedding day continue!


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  1. Jeanette

    Very cute because you were still so caught up in the moment, having written this immediately after you watched it.

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