Royal Wedding Update: Kate Middleton will apply her own makeup

Rather than being days away from the royal wedding, now merely hours separate the world from watching Kate Middleton wed Prince William. Soon we will (finally!) learn the designer behind what promises to be an ultra-glamorous gown; however, until then, enjoy this interesting fact – Kate will be applying her own makeup.

I learned this interesting fact this morning and was initially caught completely by surprise. Why would someone who is marrying a prince choose, or rather be allowed, to do her own makeup? However, as I have learned more, Kate’s makeup decision has been put into perspective.

To put it simply, this royal-to-be just seems to want to take control of one element of her wedding day and be “normal.” Although many brides (aka those not marrying a royal in front of 1900 guests and an estimated 2.6 billion people around the world) choose to have their makeup professionally done as a luxury, others choose to apply their makeup themselves. As a result, Kate is obviously not alone in her decision because whether it is your wedding day or just a night out with friends, you always want to feel like yourself. If that means applying your own makeup – do it!

For those of you feeling concerned that Kate is applying her own makeup before walking down the aisle in Westminster Abbey – fear not! According to, she has taken lessons with Arabella Preston, a London-based professional makeup artist. Oh, and to boost your confidence further, Kate applied her own makeup for the now famous engagement portraits. Surprised? I was in awe. She looks awesome in those photos.

Kate Middleton – apply your own makeup. You go, girl!


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