Wedding Photo Inspiration

*all photos courtesy Christy & Mike Sheeran and Michael’s Photography

Every time I see the photos from my friend Christy’s wedding, I am again reminded of what I like so much about them.

Christy and her husband Mike made sure to have traditional wedding photos taken. However, their photographer from Michael’s Photography incorporated a couple of really creative elements. I love the photos of the couple seen from among the tree branches because they seem to have an effortless glow. It’s also fun that Christy and Mike incorporated the personalities of their wedding party into the photo of everyone running – they are part of a fun family, and it shows.

Wedding photos mark a specific time in your life, yet it’s important for them to have a timeless quality. In my opinion, these photos have that quality as a result of mixing traditional and creative elements together.

I hope you feel inspired.


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  1. Jeanette

    Beautiful bride, handsome groom!!!

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