Adventures in DIY: Favors

Your wedding planning is going smoothly – you have decided on the location for your reception; your color palette matches your personality and the style of your wedding; and you have chosen an overall theme. However, there is still that nagging question of what to present to your guests as they leave your wedding.

Wedding favors (and party favors, alike) catch even the most unique and creative couples by surprise. You don’t want to give people something that is too over the top, yet you still want your gift to them to be memorable and fun. Why not create your own favors?

And so we begin our new adventure in DIY (food themed) favors…

  • Cupcakes: As evidenced by my previous post about Megan Rountree, I am a fan of cupcakes. They represent one of the biggest trends in weddings, and they are delicious and fun. You can choose to bake cupcakes yourself using the same cake recipe as your wedding cake, or consider purchasing a smaller cake so there is less left over and order cupcakes instead. Then place the cupcakes in small boxes, attach a label with your names, and tie everything together with a small bow or ribbon.

*This idea also works for your wedding cake. Simply substitute slices of your wedding cake for cupcakes.

  • Cookies: Sugar cookies are quick, easy, and hassle-free to bake (chocolate chip cookies are too!). Follow your favorite sugar cookie recipe to create the batter (the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the back of a bag of chocolate chips is my favorite for chocolate chip cookies). Once you have created the batter, use a wedding themed cookie cutter to create your cookies. Then add sprinkles and/or icing in your wedding colors and bake. Place your cookies in clear cellophane bags, add a label, and tie the bags closed with string or ribbon. Quick, easy, and delicious!
  • Candy Bar: Like cupcakes, candy bars are another huge wedding trend. They can be created completely by you too. Determine your favorite types of candy – make sure to think about what you loved eating while you were growing up – and purchase your varieties in bulk. Place the candy into various types of clear, glass containers, such as jars, vases, bowls, even fish bowls. Make sure you have clear candy bags for guests to collect their candy in and provide string or ribbon to tie the bags closed. No matter how many times a candy bar is used, if you include unexpected candy that guests enjoyed years ago, they will always make for a fun surprise.

I recently attended an event where a family friend baked sugar cookies. They were one of the most talked about treats from the day. As a result, sweet food themed favors are proven to be enjoyable, especially after a memorable night of dancing. Guests will enjoy eating them on the way home, and you will love the money saved by creating them yourself.


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