The Royal Wedding Ring(s)

With the royal wedding only 27 days away (yes, I am apparently counting down), there are new details released weekly about the April 29 nuptials. We are all still waiting to learn who will design Kate Middleton’s gown; however, information about the wedding rings, or shall I say ring, has been released.

This week, the palace released new information stating that Kate Middleton will be presented with a Welsh gold wedding band on April 29; however, Prince William’s ring finger will forever be missing the same type of gold band. In a new twist, the prince has decided to forgo wearing a wedding ring. According to People, it is because the couple wishes to have a more modern take on their wedding. However, is it more modern or just strange?

There are several ways to have a more modern wedding. You can design modern invitations, create a luxurious setting for your reception out of seemingly raw space, or forgo wearing a traditional wedding veil opting instead for a birdcage veil. The exchanging of wedding bands seems too steeped in tradition to alter entirely, especially when you are a member of such a traditional family – the royal family.

On April 29, the world will watch, or at least read about, the royal wedding. Because there is so much publicity surrounding not only the wedding, but Prince William and Kate Middleton too, we will all know that the couple is married. Should couples still exchange rings after reciting their vows?

In my opinion, rings are more than just jewelry. They are a symbol that says, “I’ve found the one.” Some people search forever for that person. Once you have found him or her, why wouldn’t you want to publicize it? Prince William, you should join the ring club.



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  1. Jeanette

    Both husband and wife should wear a ring. In fact, they should be proud to do so!!!

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