Grand Gesture Proposals: A Grand Idea?

The other day, I spotted the above video (thanks, Ryan Seacrest!) where a high school guy, Jason Pitts, asks his friend, Lianna Cohen, to go to the prom with him, but he doesn’t approach her and ask. No, no we now live in the times of “Glee.” Instead of simply asking, Jason decided to write a song and sing while playing his guitar as a group of his friends sang backup. Although these two friends are not looking to get married (at least I hope not!), this video caused me to start thinking about grand gesture proposals.

Tonight, America’s favorite “Deal or No Deal” host, Howie Mandel, is premiering a new show called “Mobbed.” From seeing the commercials for the show over the past couple of weeks, it seems that a group of people come together to unsuspectingly dance as some type of gesture is performed. During tonight’s premiere, a woman slowly walks through who are crowd dancing to “Everlasting Love” as she prepares to be proposed to by her soon-to-be-fiancé. The commercials make it seem as though she is genuinely shocked by the gesture and overwhelmingly happy.

We’ve all seen or heard about another type of grand gesture proposal – proposing with the help of a Jumbotron at a game. “Will you marry me, (insert name here)?” pops up on the screen for the entire arena to see. Then the couple is seen on the screen as the guy gets down on one knee and waits for his answer. Although we all may have heard about these types of proposals, “Brides Magazine” conducted a survey and all five guys came back with the same response – No way, it’s impersonal!

With “Mobbed” and Jumbotron proposals in mind, what do you think about grand gesture proposals? Personally, I think intimate proposals are the way to go. A performance may be memorable; however, a proposal at your favorite place to go together may be much more meaningful in the moment and looking back years later.

Oh, and to Jason who wrote the song, sang, and played guitar in order to ask Lianna to the prom, you have major confidence. Had I been in Lianna’s shoes and had a song specially written and performed for me, I would have said yes too.



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  1. Jason Pitts

    Hey there! I just wanted to thank you for posting my video here and talking about the idea of different types of proposals. I agree that an intimate proposal is the way to go for something like marriage, I believe that’s more meaningful. Thanks for giving me props for confidence!

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