Adventures in DIY: Centerpieces

photo courtesy Lindsay Smith

Recently, I attended a baby shower for my close friend, Lindsay’s, sister, Christy. I know you are now thinking, “Whoa! I’m not at that stage yet!” However, the centerpieces (featured in the picture above), which my friend’s mom, Sue, created, can be easily transformed to appear at a bridal shower or even a wedding.

And so we begin our adventure in Do It Yourself (DIY) centerpieces…

Using carnations and crisp white vases found at Crate and Barrel, Sue created charming centerpieces quickly and for a discounted cost. Because she chose a simple flower, Sue decided to add some interest to the tables by placing black and white photographs of Christy and her husband, Mike, on photo clips complete with ribbons. The photos and their presentation created interest, but more importantly, they added a unique personal touch.

By simply removing the baby shower confetti from the table, this arrangement could be perfect for a more casual wedding and, of course, for a bridal shower. Although the flowers work well, you could also use gerberas, lilies, hydrangeas, or tulips. If you are willing to up your DIY budget, roses always look beautiful. I am also a fan of the photos because for guests who may not have known you or your groom for your entire lives, baby photos (or photos of you throughout your life) provide a fun context of who you both have become.

In terms of presentation, vases are always appropriate. However, one of the biggest trends is using mason jars, which are relatively inexpensive. They can be easily found online on sites, such as Etsy and ebay. In addition, mason jars can also be found at craft stores, such as A.C. Moore. Because they are sold in so many different places and all have a unique look, you can mix and match mason jars to create interest.

photo courtesy Christine Maguire

Although I mentioned earlier that the first centerpiece is perfect for a more relaxed wedding or any type of bridal shower, you can easily create more formal centerpieces. The picture above, taken at this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show, demonstrates that idea. By combining glass vases of varying heights and textures together with tulips, hydrangeas, and roses, the centerpieces quickly achieve a more elegant look. You may also want to scatter candles in between the vases.

Choose your favorite flowers, mix vases together with mason jars, and display photos to create your own DIY centerpieces, which your guests are sure to love. Most importantly, have fun on your DIY adventure (and ask a professional for help whenever necessary).


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  1. Jennifer Huebner

    That was my favorite “display” at the flower show! 2 of my favorite things- pink and flowers!

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