Save Forever or Sell

It’s the days following a wedding. The bride has walked down the aisle; danced until dawn with her groom, family, and friends; and escaped to a warm beach on her honeymoon. Now the only question left is, “What do I do with my dress?” There are several ways to answer this question.

Some brides choose to forever save their wedding dress. It serves as a reminder of a special day that was months in the making. It also might be the dress found on a wedding dress shopping day shared with close friends and family. As the bride walked out of the dressing room, everyone cried. She knew it was the one. While one bride chooses to save her dress as a reminder of her wedding and another wants to savor the day she found her dress, another bride may want to give her dress to her daughter in the future.

However, some brides are good friends with their closet, while others may have overspent their bridal gown budget. If you are one of these brides, you may want to consider selling your wedding dress. You will forever have the memories of the day you spent in your dress, but by selling it you will be able to save space in your closet and save your budget too. Through selling your dress, you will also be able to make another bride’s wedding day special. Having the ability to positively influence such a momentous occasion for someone else may actually be the best part.

The website is just one example of an online retailer that sells wedding dresses. The steps to sell a dress are simple: join, post a description of the dress along with photos, and pay a $25 fee. According to this chart, if your dress is less than 2 ½ years old, you can list it for 50% off the price you paid.

Your memories will last forever through the moments you had and the pictures you took in your dress. It’s up to you, save forever or sell and help to make another bride’s day even more special.


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