A New Kind of Save the Date: Videos!

Once you have gotten engaged, picked the date for your wedding, and finalized your guest list, the next step is to mail your save the date cards. However, before you run to the mailbox, you might want to consider one of the latest wedding trends: save the date videos.

According to Arkansas-based photographer Mallory Berry, when she was planning her own wedding, she happened upon save the date videos online and decided it was something she wanted to explore. However, without previous video experience, Mallory knew it was not something she wanted to create with a video camera. Therefore, she turned to her still camera instead.

Now a couple of years later, Mallory’s research for her own wedding has paid off and she now creates videos for other couples, which have been prominently featured on sites from Project Wedding to Brides.com.

Before creating a the video, like the first one above, which takes three to four hours to edit, Mallory captures anywhere from 600 to over 3,000 pictures of a couple. Although it is a lot of photos, they are taken in succession, which means after one click, the shutter captures every move the person makes during that sequence. Couples can also have a video created, like the second one featured above, that focuses more on objects and drawings and can be completed in one to two hours. Either way, the end result is a one-of-a-kind video solely featuring pictures and music, which showcases a couple’s personality.

Before you run to the mailbox with your save the date cards, consider creating a save the date video which you can copy to a disc and mail; post on YouTube or Facebook; or e-mail. Your guests will definitely enjoy receiving a video, and with a photographer’s help, you will have a blast creating it.

For more information on Mallory Berry and the videos she has created, check out her website. The best news is that Mallory travels and can create videos with objects remotely from her studio in Arkansas – a win for all!


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  1. Jeanette

    The couple in the first video seem so young!!!

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