A Q&A with Event Planner Extraordinaire Jenny Orsini

photo courtesy Jenny Orsini

After spending 11 years as part of corporate America, Jenny Orsini decided to open her own event planning company, Pampered Bride Weddings. Based in New Jersey, the company and Jenny have experienced immense success, which has lead to mentions in popular bridal magazines The Knot New Jersey, Brides New Jersey, and many others.  Below, Jenny explains why she opened her company, how she came to be a part of Whose Wedding is it Anyway, and the best tips for couples planning their wedding.

Going to the Chapel: On your website, you state that you worked in corporate America prior to opening Pampered Bride Weddings. What caused you to make the switch?

Jenny Orsini: While I enjoyed working in Human Resources and Corporate Event Planning, I did not enjoy the cost containment measures and layoffs. I decided I wanted to be in charge of my income, my schedule, and my work status. I was basically fed up with getting laid off! I also longed for the opportunity to be more creative.

GTTC: How did you become part of the Style Network’s Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

JO: I saw an ad online for what looked like a fun show. I replied but never expected to get a call back. Within a few weeks, I landed an interview, and the rest was history!

GTTC: What is the best part about being an event planner?

JO: Making a client happy! Helping them bring a vision to life! Giving them a day they’ll never forget.

GTTC: What are some of the latest trends you have seen and love?

JO: I love color and am so happy it’s here to stay! I adore colorful flowers; linens; bridesmaid dresses; you name it!

GTTC: Once a couple is engaged and are starting to plan their wedding, what decisions should they make prior to meeting with you and your team?

JO: I recommend a couple have a few items solidified as best as they can prior to our meeting.

  1. Wedding budget
  2. Overall vision/theme
  3. Their wedding planner needs and expectations

GTTC: What are your top 10 tips for couples planning a wedding?


  1. Be yourself and let your wedding represent you as a couple
  2. Create a realistic budget
  3. Educate yourself on the real costs of wedding expenses
  4. Do not let wedding television shows fog your judgments.
  5. Allow family to give you opinions, but do not let them run the show.
  6. Ask friends and family for vendor recommendations
  7. Make sure you feel a connection with vendors you hire.
  8. Food, food food! The most important element at any event! Don’t skimp on the food.
  9. Themes can be great, but don’t go overboard on any one design/theme element.
  10. Hire a planner and enjoy the day!

For more information about Jenny Orsini or Pampered Bride Weddings, visit www.pamperedbrideweddings.com or call 973-912-8099. Enjoy the rich colors in the pictures below showcasing some of the events planned by Jenny and Pampered Bride Weddings.



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2 responses to “A Q&A with Event Planner Extraordinaire Jenny Orsini

  1. Great interview Carly! It’s always great to get tips right from the experts-especially Jenny who has seen it all!

  2. Jeanette

    Does she need an assistant – someone who will be graduating from college in May with an event planning minor?

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