The Royal Wedding Invitation: Boring or Beautiful?

One of the hallmarks of a wedding is the wedding invitation. It allows invitees to gage what to expect for the ceremony and reception. Will new trends be infused, or is the couple leaning toward more traditional elements?

Today, the first pictures of Prince William and Kate’s invitations were released, which have been sent to 1900 guests. As a result of their royal status and the spectacular venue (the ceremony is being held at Westminster Abbey), I was expecting to see a much grander invitation. After all, one would imagine that an invitation from the Queen would be remarkable. However, I think I’m suffering from invitation design letdown. I understand that the invitations must remain formal; however, there are so many interesting formal invitation designs today. I was hoping theirs would be a bit more exciting.

Take a look at the invitation below. What do you think? Is the royal wedding invitation boring or as beautiful as you imagined?



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3 responses to “The Royal Wedding Invitation: Boring or Beautiful?

  1. Jennifer Huebner

    Tastful, classic and elegant. Hate to disagree with you on this one my friend, but I think it is perfect. I CAN’t wait for April 29th!

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  3. It’s everything you said. I am just a little surprised I guess. I can’t wait either!! I want to know what Kate’s dress is going to look like.

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