The Running of the Brides

As a child, everyone dreams of having Christmas come in July. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on a warm summer morning to find some of your top things from your summer wish list waiting for you? While kids wish for Christmas in July, some adults wish for the rush of Black Friday for just one more day during the year. Yesterday was Black Friday for brides in New York City.

Every year, the department store Filene’s Basement opens its doors at 8 a.m. for brides and their friends and family to sprint into the store. Why would anyone want to sprint into a department store on a day other than Black Friday you ask? For none other than “The Running of the Brides.”

At the yearly “Running of the Brides,” Filene’s Basement stocks its aisles with rack upon rack of discounted designer gowns. We aren’t just talking about a small percentage off either. All of the dresses at Filene’s during the event are $249-$699 with many of the dresses having started at over $9,000.

In order to say yes to an inexpensively priced dress, brides arrive hours beforehand. Many arrived as early as 4 a.m. Friday morning with most wearing handmade t-shirts – a theme at “The Running of the Brides.”

Once inside, brides dash through the aisles grabbing as many dresses in their size as they can find with the help of family and friends. After trying on their favorites, dresses are returned to the racks or exchanged for others. When a bride has found the one, the running continues, except instead of running into the store, the bride is running to the register. What takes some brides hours, others can do in minutes because once you find the one, it only takes a split second to say, “Yes!”

Although “The Running of the Brides” is complete chaos (I’m not talking about the organized kind), the amount of money a bride can save makes experiencing another Black Friday rush in the same year totally worth it.

Check out this video from to experience the chaos yourself.

If you want to run for your dress, click here to find tips from Filene’s and an event in your area.


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