Glorious (Paper!) Arrangements

When planning a wedding (or any other large scale event) one of the first things one has to decide is what is going to adorn the tables. Most people would automatically run to their local florist or start searching floral arrangements online; however, there are several other options that will make tables look just as great. What could be better than fragrant floral arrangements? Maybe paper.

When I was younger, I had paper flower kit. Each small square of paper could be placed into one of the molds representing various flower shapes and cranked through a small machine that would press it into place. After removing each flower from the mold, manipulating it, and placing each on a plastic stem, I had a bouquet of colorful paper flowers. Who could beat that? Aimee Empey of Boston based company Paper, Gowns, and Glory may win the bouquet battle.

Empey also creates paper flowers; however, she can create flowers, from orchids to roses, by hand. Each creation is sculpted from various types of paper, including homemade, and sealed with archival glue. When one thinks of paper, people may first think about the white paper feeding into a printer, or the small squares that I used when I was younger. However, Empey thinks far beyond that and incorporates color into many of her one-of-a-kind designs. She can even create a miniature replica of a bride’s dress and a groom’s tuxedo from simply looking at a photograph.

Consequently, long after the guests have left, and the wedding is over, couples can still enjoy their floral arrangements (and formal wear replicas!) for years to come. As I mentioned in a previous post, charity is a new trend in weddings and events. With the help of the I Do Foundation, couples can also choose to donate some of their centerpieces to nursing homes, for example; so more people can enjoy them too.

Like many things in life, there is never only one option, and floral arrangements are not an exception. One-of-a-kind handmade paper arrangements created by Aimee Empey may be an idea for your wedding. Of course I would be willing to lend a helping hand, but Empey’s designs are far beyond anything I could ever create. Be unique. Be different. Use paper.

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  2. Peter

    I love reading your blog! Your ideas are so unbelievable. All the best and PLEASE continue writing them.

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