For Love of THE Dress

Leanne Fontana falls in love with her dress at Kleinfeld.

Every Friday night, my mom and I have a ritual – we watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. We love to see which dresses brides decide to try on, whether it be a ball gown or mermaid, contemporary or classic style. However, aside from watching brides try on designer gowns much to their families’ delights, one of the best parts of each episode is learning the bride’s dress budget.

Last week’s episode showcased two brides – polar opposites – standing on opposite ends of the wedding dress spectrum. The first bride, Liza, was going to get married not once but twice, to the same groom, of course. The first wedding was held in Nigeria in 2010, and the second wedding is going to be held in May 2011. Liza’s parents supplied her with an unlimited budget for her wedding dress. This may explain why she was back at Kleinfeld, the scene of every Say Yes to the Dress episode, to look for a dress to top the $17,000 Swarovski encrusted dress that she had already purchased. After trying on numerous dresses, Liza left Kleinfeld without a dress, but instead with an idea – the designer of her first wedding dress could design a second dress costing upwards of $40,000-$50,000. Maybe with the help of a designer, Liza will be able to fulfill her dream of wearing an “amazing, over-the-top dress.”

Like Liza, the second bride, Leanne, was also shopping for her second wedding dress. However, she was seeking to find a dress that she truly loved because although she loved the price of the dress she had already purchased – $249 – she was not in love with the dress. Not only was Leanne’s budget much simpler – $2,000 – but her wedding was much more down to earth too. She is getting married in the same church where her parents were married years ago. After trying on several dresses, Leanne chose a flowing dress, which featured a sweetheart neckline and a beaded band around her waist. Leanne’s dress happened to be my personal favorite of the night.

Not only was Leanne’s budget much more down to earth, but her overall outlook was much more realistic too. She wanted a dress that she loved, not one that would top a Swarovski encrusted gown. How does one even top that anyway? She also was getting married in the same church as her parents. It’s an action that is both endearing to others and reassuring that she is making the right decision for Leanne, especially since it sounded as if her parents had been married for a long time. In the end, Liza, along with future brides to be, should take a page out of Leanne’s book: a wedding should be about love – love shared between the couple, family, and friends, and, of course, a bride’s love of THE dress that does not break the bank.



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3 responses to “For Love of THE Dress

  1. True that, sista. My wedding’s going to cost about $11. Total.

  2. Megan

    I loved the dress she chose. did anyone catch the name of it?

  3. Leanne

    Hi all – Thanks so much for the kind words. My mother-in-law sent this along to me and I am honored that you wrote about this episode in the way you did. The dress was an Alita Graham dress; not sure about the exact name. It is so much more beautiful than it shows up in the video or in pictuers. It’s funny because $2000 practically did break the bank for me and I never would have spent that much if I hadn’t been chosen to go on the show! I looked at is as the whole experience. Anyway, thanks again! Leanne

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