Going to the Chapel

“Goin’ to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married.” This lyric from the 1964 song Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups at one time represented the venue where a bride walked down the aisle. She met her waiting groom to exchange vows, flanked on one side by her father, a veil covering her face. Not only did Chapel of Love represent the venue where the couple got married, but it also represented the simplicity of a wedding.

As time has past, weddings have lost much of their simplicity – if a wedding can ever really be simple – and have become much more of an event. Now, couples do not necessarily go to a chapel, or a place of worship, to get married. In fact, when the term chapel is mentioned some may first think of the chapels lining the glittering streets of Las Vegas. Instead of a couple getting married in front of their friends and family at a place of worship, having a ceremony at a local reception hall, and jetting off to an island for their honeymoon, the ceremony has become an event in and of itself.

Receiving an invitation in the mail inviting guests to attend a ceremony at a beach resort, for example, is more normal than ever because 20% of weddings are held at destinations around the world. The popular bridal website Brides.com even posts destination wedding location ideas, including places such as Tuscany and Maui. An article explaining a Maui wedding suggests where to hold the wedding, as well as the resorts that should be booked to accommodate guests.

Although weddings may have lost some of the innocence that once surrounded them since the release of Chapel of Love, weddings still represent a union of two people. Whether a ceremony is held at a chapel or a place of worship, followed by a reception at a local hall, or if the entire wedding occurs at a beach surrounded by tropical landscapes and a blue ocean, the basis of a wedding should always be love.

“Gee, I really love you, and we’re gonna get married. Goin’ to the chapel of love.”



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3 responses to “Going to the Chapel

  1. Diane Devine

    Your article rings so true. A freind of mine was married in Jamaica which sounded so romantic and beautiful. I assume it was as lovely as the immediate family said it was because they were the only people that were able to attend. I wish we can go back to a more simple time as the lyrics say “Going to the Chapel”. I don’t see the sense in having such an elaborate wedding if you’re not able to share it with the people you truly love.

  2. I agree with you. I think that weddings should be attended by all of the people you love: immediate and extended family, friends, coworkers, etc. By having a destination wedding, the couple is closing the door to the idea of having everyone in attendance at their wedding. That rarely happens anyway, but still.

    With that said, I think that destination weddings can be fun. I think it is a cool way to combine both a wedding and a vacation. I also think that if a couple chooses to have a destination wedding, the destination should mean something to them. Warm places are lovely (or cold places for that matter), but if they don’t hold a meaning then why go? With all of these questions and ideas to answer and contemplate, I unfortunately don’t think that life or weddings are going to become simple again very soon. Maybe the choices make everything more fun though.

  3. Dee

    My son had a destination wedding and it was great! We did combine the wedding with vacation time to a place we probably would not have gone otherwise. We had lots of friends and family that did attend and we had a great time after the wedding just touring the area. I wouldn’t mind if they did it again!

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